Stardew Valley: Snow Yams, How To Get + Uses

In Stardew Valley, the root vegetable in issue is one of the numerous forageable products. It is seasonal, like most others, and can only be found above ground in the winter. They also spawn in the mines’ cold levels (levels 40-69), where they may only be found with the aid of a hoe.

There are several options for obtaining one of these challenging tubers. It’s worth noting that the only method to unearth them is with the hoe tool; bombs or any other instrument will not work.

How To Get:

  • The best way to obtain a Yam is to locate Artifact Spots. Even in the winter, players can find Snow Yams from small worm patches. You may also find Snow Yams at desert artifact spots.
  • You may discover yams outside of the agricultural area by tilling up dirt. Any tillable terrain has a 4% chance of spawning a Snow Yam, although this only applies to town areas, not farmland. Making a Gold or Iridium Hoe can help with this because when charged, they can cover a bigger area.
  • It’s also feasible to raise them from seed. It could be one of the Winter Seeds if a player has a lot of them. They will only be able to grow and spawn above ground on this one occasion. Players can see the yam among the other crops when they are fully mature. Winter Seeds can be obtained (ironically) by completing the Winter Foraging Bundle, or they can be made after increasing foraging levels.
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  • Used to create a shirt in the Sewing Machine.
  • Can give as a gift to villagers.
  • Used to complete/add to Winter Foraging Bundle in the Community Center.
  • Players can request randomly on the Help Wanted sign in Winter.

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