Stardew Valley: Types Of Fertilizers and Their Uses

Vegetables, fruits, and grains are all key components of Pelican Town’s economy, and they might all benefit from some judicious fertilizers and soil treatment. Knowing which variety is ideal for which crop or type of plot is vital.

Types Of Fertilizers

Basic Fertilizer
This increases the soil’s quality and must be mixed in with tilled (hoed) soil. It will also increase the chances of growing high-quality crops. Before the seeds sprout, plant them in the soil. 2 Sap is the recipe.
Quality Fertilizer
The Quality Fertilizer is a step higher than the Basic Fertilizer. This improves the soil’s quality and boosts the chances of growing high-grade vegetables. Spread seeds over tilled soil before they sprout once more. 2 Sap, 1 Fish, 2 Sap.
Tree Fertilizer
The Tree Fertilizer is something a little different. Place the fertilizer on the sapling once it has been planted. Except for fruit crop trees, it works in all seasons and on all tree kinds. 5 Fiber, 5 Stone.
The Speed-Gro is a fertilizer that accelerates plant growth. Officially, it raises it by a minimum of 10%. This has no effect on the amount of time between harvests. It should be spread on cultivated ground. 1 pine tar, 1 clam. At a time, this produces five fertilizers.
Deluxe Speed-Gro
Like the Speed-Gro,’ stimulates leaf production’ and boosts growth rates by at least 25%. This should be mixed into the hoed soil. Multi-harvest crops are unaffected by this. Oak Resin and Coral are used in this recipe. At a time, this produces five fertilizers.
Deluxe Fertilizer
The Deluxe Fertilizer is a step above the rest; it improves soil conditions and increases the likelihood of growing high-quality crops. It is, however, expensive and most likely a late-game offering. Combine it with soil that has been tilled. Iridium Bar, 40 Sap. At a time, this produces five fertilizers.
Hyper Speed-Gro
The Hyper Speed-Gro is a step up from Deluxe. This, like the Fertilizer, significantly boosts growth by at least 33%. Mix it in with the tilled soil once more. This recipe costs 30 Gems and is available in Qi’s Walnut Room. Radioactive ore, 3 bone fragments, and Solar Essence are the ingredients for this recipe.
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Screengrab Courtesy Waifu Simulator 27 via YouTube
Basic Retaining Soil When this soil is mixed into tilled land, it has a little probability of storing water overnight, allowing farmers to skip watering in the morning. 2 Stone is the recipe.
Quality Retaining Soil The soil at the Quality level has a better probability of keeping wet the next day. Mix into the tilled soil once more. 2 Stone, 1 Clay. Each time you craft, you’ll get two goods.
Deluxe Retaining Soil Overnight, the Deluxe Retaining Soil will be moistened. It, too, should be mixed in with the hoed land. 3 Fiber, 5 Stone, 1 Clay. The recipe costs 50 Cinder Shards from the Island Trader on Ginger Island.

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