Bethesda’s Starfield: Best Legendary Armor Set | How to Get

Best Legendary Armor Set Starfield

In Bethesda’s newest game, Starfield, it’s mandatory to have the best equipment in your arsenal. Why? Because you are about to venture forth into the unknown of more than 1000 planets in the galaxy. Lucky for you, there are legendary armor sets available in-game to aid your adventure. Here, we are going to guide you on how to get the best legendary armor set in Starfield.

Best Legendary Armor Set in Starfield

Since the game’s release, players have come across numerous armor sets, ranging from the basic Constellation Set to the highly effective Mark I Set. These armor sets have demonstrated their effectiveness in aiding survival on the unforgiving planets of Starfield. It’s essential for space explorers to keep an eye out for these sets.

Nonetheless, there is one legendary armor set that stands out as the ultimate choice in Starfield – the Mantis Set.

The Legendary Mantis Set

Legendary Mantis Set starfield
Screengrab courtesy of ESO via YouTube

The Mantis Armor Set is a guaranteed legendary armor set, offering three customizable legendary effects that significantly boost your character’s damage and resistance. When you equip this legendary set, you can be confident that you’ll become more formidable and better equipped for survival.

The Mantis Set will give you these unique legendary effects at first, which you can freely customize later on:

  • Ablative: -15% incoming Energy damage.
  • Acrobat: -50% fall damage.
  • Sentinel: 75% to reduce damage by 50% while standing still.

The bonus effects provided by the Mantis Set are truly remarkable. The Ablative effect proves highly valuable in the late game, especially when confronting foes employing energy-based attacks. Similarly, the Sentinel effect stands out as an exceptional option, allowing you to wreak havoc on enemies while remaining stationary, just like the legendary character Rambo.

How to Get Mantis Set

Mantis Set starfield
Screengrab courtesy of ESO via YouTube

Before acquiring this exceptional legendary armor set, you must undertake the Mantis Quest, a side mission filled with puzzles and surprises sure to get your adrenaline flowing.

To initiate the Mantis Side Mission, you’ll need to locate and read the data slate titled “Secret Outpost!” This can be acquired by looting Spacer enemies. While it may seem like the slate is randomly distributed among Spacers, there are specific scenarios with the highest likelihood of obtaining one:

  • During the “Back to Vectera” Main Mission
  • During “The Old Neighborhood” Main Mission
  • While rescuing a hostage as part of the “Deputized” Side Mission

Since “Secret Outpost!” can potentially be found on any Spacer, it’s important to meticulously inspect the inventory of each fallen foe to ensure you don’t overlook this valuable slate.

Solve the Floor Puzzle

Mantis Quess Floor Puzzle
Screengrab courtesy of ESO via YouTube

Once you’ve obtained and read the “Secret Outpost!” slate, it will unveil a unique opportunity on the moon Denebola I-b. 

  • To embark on the Mantis quest, activate it from your Missions menu, set a course for Denebola I-b, and land at the designated secret outpost marker.
  • Follow the quest markers as they lead you deeper into the facility.
  • As you venture further, make sure to collect audio logs and communications to uncover more about the location. 
  • Your journey will eventually bring you face-to-face with Livvey. 
  • Following that encounter, you’ll encounter a rather straightforward floor puzzle involving letters. 

The puzzle comprises 8 rows of letters. To solve the Mantis floor puzzle, walk across the letters to spell out “TYRANNIS.” If you’re having difficulty identifying the spray-painted letters that indicate your safe exit route, follow the list below:

  • T – 3rd from the left
  • Y – 1st from the left
  • R – 5th from the left
  • A – 6th from the left
  • N – 4th from the left
  • N – 7th from the left
  • I – 2nd from the left
  • S – 3rd from the left

Enter the Lair of the Mantis

Lair of the Mantis starfield
Screengrab courtesy of ESO via YouTube

After you’ve successfully navigated the floor puzzle, you’ll proceed through a narrow corridor, only to encounter a Turret MK III. 

  • Equip your most effective long-range weapon.
  • After dealing with the turret, you’ll approach another blast door. 
  • Just beyond it, you’ll encounter two formidable high-powered robots that must be eliminated first.

Once you’ve killed these robots, proceed to eliminate the two lurking robots in the subsequent area, bringing you closer to your destination, the Lair of the Mantis.

Get Your Legendary Mantis Set

Best Legendary Armor Set starfield
Screengrab courtesy of ESO via YouTube

To acquire the Legendary Mantis Spacesuit Set, leave the control room where you defeated the robodog and take two left turns to locate a doorway. 

  • Inside the storage area ahead, you’ll discover a mannequin adorned with the Mantis Spacesuit Set enclosed within a hexagonal display. 
  • Open it to retrieve the Mantis Set.
  • Don’t forget to loot surrounding items to earn extra credits.
Razorleaf Legendary Spaceship Starfield
Screengrab courtesy of ESO via YouTube

As an added bonus, within this area, you’ll also come across the Razorleaf, a legendary Mantis Ship. 

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