Steam Replay 2022

If you are a PC gamer in 2022, Steam is an integral part of your life. This year, there is a surprise in store for its users. The Valve-owned platform just announced the Steam Replay for the year 2022 and it looks amazing. PC gamers cannot contain their excitement as they rush to Steam to get their yearly gaming highlight. 

But what exactly is the Steam Replay 2022 and how do you access it?

What is Steam Replay 2022

  • Let’s face it: we all love our annual highlights wrapped up by our favorite go-to apps. Twitch did it with their 2022 Recap and Spotify did it with their 2022 Wrapped.

  • And now, Steam has joined the bandwagon by releasing personalized yearly gaming highlights for its 120 million active monthly users.
  • The Steam Replay 2022 mainly covers essential metrics such as your top games, how and where you spent most of your overall playtime and how many minutes you spent on a particular title.

Maybe I played too much HOI4 this year from hoi4

How to get your Replay

  • Steam has made it seamless for its users to access their yearly gaming highlights. Users can check directly from Steam’s website via this link.
  • If you are using Steam’s mobile app or desktop client, your 2022 Replay can be found on the “New and Noteworthy” drop-down menu. 
Steam Replay 2022 Menu, how to access
Image courtesy of Steam
  • Steam users need to sign in to get their stats for the year on the 2022 Replay. The highlights can be made private, public or visible only to friends, according to your privacy preferences.

Steam Replay features

  • Steam Replay 2022 makes an elaborate breakdown of each game you played this year. Under each game, it lists down time spent, longest streak and achievements earned.
Steam Replay yearly gaming highlights 2022
Image courtesy of XDA Developers
  • These metrics are not only personalized but they can be compared against the entire Steam gaming community. On average, a Steam user played only five games, unlocked 21 achievements, and finished a nine-day streak this year.
  • Steam Replay 2022 spreads out your gaming habits and routines across the months of the year. It also shows what percentage of time a particular game holds in your library. 

Steam Replay: 2,212 Sessions in 2022 from skyrimvr

  • All these stats are designed and presented in a graphical format with eye-pleasing aesthetics. These graphics can be downloaded or shared directly on various social media platforms.

2022 was a positively eventful year for PC gamers. The year saw PC ports from PlayStation such as God of War and Spider-Man and stunning new releases like Elden Ring

Taking this into account, Steam has surely piqued the interest of its users by offering such detailed yearly gaming highlights. How does your Steam Replay 2022 look?

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