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The latest title of Team Ninja’s version of a jRPG classic Fantasy world is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Stranger of Paradise, based on Team Ninja’s Nioh foundations, shows promise as a hard-action RPG that expands on the Final Fantasy universe game from 1987.

Many fans questioned the game’s design and made numerous online memes about how Jack, the main character of Final Fantasy Origins, is hell-bent on destroying Chaos. Fans of the franchise somewhat think that it’ll be another generic hack and slash game but I guess they spoke too soon. After releasing demos, we can see that this game will be another fun and exciting experience for true final fantasy enthusiasts.

Stranger of Paradise Trophy List

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has a big amount of achievements for people who desire to complete the game with 100% achievement. In this article, we will show you the full list of achievements and how to unlock them.

Screengrab Courtesy of MKIceAndFire via YouTube
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Hopes and Dreams Complete “Illusion at Journey’s End.”
The Pirate’s Way Complete “The Journey Begins.” (Secret)
The King of the Dark Elves Complete “Audience with the Dark Elf.”
Distortion’s Progeny Complete “Natural Distortion.”
A Landscape of Memory Complete “A Familiar Place.”
The Wind’s Light Complete “Memories of Wind.”
Vague Remembrances Complete “Memories of Poison”
The Fire’s Light Complete “Memories of Fire.”
Phantom Memories Complete “Phantoms of the Past.”
The Earth’s Light Complete “Memories of Earth.”
Shared Recollections Complete “To Remember.”
The Water’s Light Complete “Memories of Water.”
Malice Takes Root Complete “Schemes of the Past.”
Duty’s Course Complete “Remembering Home.”
Led by the Nose Complete “The Suffering of Fools.”
Memories of the Distant Past Complete a side mission.
Manifestation of the Souls Use soul burst for the first time.
Imbued Memories Used a weapon ability for the first time
No Escape Defeat a Cactuar.
Lantern Smasher Defeat a Tonberry.
Seeker of Power Acquire an anima shard.
Seeker of Ultimate Power Acquire an anima crystal.
Artifact Collector Acquire an artifact.
Crest Bearer Use a job crest at the smithy.
Master’s Awakening Use a master point.
Dark Crystal, Warrior’s Heart Unlock an advanced job.
Path of the Dark Knight Unlock the dark knight.
Path of the Paladin Unlock the paladin.
Path of the Ninja Unlock the ninja.
Path of the Assassin Unlock the assassin.
Path of the Liberator Unlock the liberator.
Path of the Breaker Unlock the breaker.
Path of the Void Knight Unlock the void knight.
Path of the Sage Unlock the sage.


Terminus of Fate Complete “A Fraught Journey.”
Origin of True Chaos Complete the game on CHAOS difficulty.
True Potential Fully Upgrade the special effect of a piece of equipment.
Polymath Unlock every job affinity bonus for a single job.
Savant Unlocked every panel in the job tree for a single job.
Jack-of-All-Trades Unlock all Jobs.
His Name Is Garland Unlock the cyclic warrior.

GOLD / 70G

Cycle of Darkness Complete a level 200 mission or higher on CHAOS difficulty.
Strangers’ Memories Complete every side mission.
Job Master Achieve MASTER★★★★ rank for a job.


A Tale of Origins and Endings Acquire all trophies/achievements.


On Xbox, Final Fantasy Origin awards 1,000 gamerscore, however on PlayStation, there are 34 bronze trophies, seven silver trophies, three gold trophies, and one platinum trophy available.

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