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In this article, we’ll explain where to find each of the four Energy Drink Speed 2K cans in Stray and the related vending machines.

You can begin gathering energy drink cans to exchange for money with the keeper of the neighborhood store, Azooz, beginning in Stray chapter four. In order to purchase the merchant’s two special items, a B12 Memory and a piece of Sheet Music for Morusque, you must gather four cans throughout The Slums.

All Energy Drink Location

The Slums are where you’ll spend chapters four and six, and you can gather all of these cans in either one. Before chapter seven, when you finally escape The Slums, you will, nevertheless, need to use them all.

    • Chapters 4 and 6 are your only chances to collect these cans. Be careful when advancing onto the next level as you may not be able to go back to the slums again.

Energy Drink Can #


Energy Drink Can #1

  • The simplest item to locate in Stray is the first energy drink can.
    • Turn left and continue the road to reach Morusque, the guitar player, after the Guardian who welcomes you to The Slums.
    • There are two vending machines on the right side of the lane, one of which has its light on.
    • Pick up the Energy Drink Speed 2K can it spits out by interacting with the lit-up machine.
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Energy Drink Can #2

  • The opening of The Slums is where you may find the second energy drink can in Stray.
    • Turn around at the Guardian and proceed in the opposite direction through the winding passages until you come to the dead end you entered at the conclusion of chapter three.
    • Turn around and leave the dead end.
    • The first left turn you come to after continuing down the alley should be taken.
    • You’ll discover an illuminated vending machine. Push the button, and the Energy Drink Speed 2K can will suddenly appear for you to take.
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Energy Drink Can #3

  • On the rooftops in Stray is the third energy drink can. Start this time at Momo’s residence.
    • This is where the Guardian will have you go there in chapter four main quest mission.
    • Ride the bucket down and then turn right to follow the roofs from Momo’s orange sign.
    • There is a red vending machine there with the light on.
    • Pick up the can of Energy Drink Speed 2K by pressing the button as usual.
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Energy Drink Can #4

  • The hardest can to locate is the fourth and last one.
    • After finishing chapter three, return to the dead end where you first entered The Slums.
    • When you reach the winding alleys and a robot watching TV, continue down the route.
    • To turn around, proceed to the stairs adjacent to the robot.
    • A platform with a bright yellow vending machine can be seen above the robot.
    • Get up, press the button, and take the Speed 2K Energy Drink.
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Exchange for Some Items

When you have all four cans, you can go to Azooz and spend three cans to get B12’s memory and one can to get some of Morusque’s Sheet Music.

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