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Hey, players! Been stuck in finding the music sheets in Stray? Stick with us as we list down all the locations on where to find them!

About Stray

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The Stray video game revolves around a stray cat who is alone, lost, and separated from its family. Now, the stray needs to explore and discover an old mystery. the stray cat wants to go home, away from the cybercity it is in. Help the cat find its way home!

Moreover, if you are a cat lover, you’ll probably enjoy the game. You are the stray cat in the game, by the way. The game launched on July 19, 2022, and you might want to try playing too. Stray is developed by BlueTwelve Studio, with a cyberpunk, adventure awaits you (as a cat!). It is a single-player game and is played via PC, PS4, and PS5. If this interests you, it can be purchased on Steam, just head to this link. In this story game, you can help the cat roam around the cyber cities, alongside a small flying drone friend, B-12.

The game falls under the adventure, platform, and simulation genres of the game. However, let’s now move on to what you are here for! The sheet music is a collectible in Stray. These music sheets can only be found in the Slums, and the stray cat needs your help to find all eight collectibles. Let’s go find the music sheets!

Music Sheet 1/8: Momo’s Flat

Stray Location 1
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You can find the first music sheet in Momo’s flat. As you reach the city, this may be your first stop on this adventure. As you enter the window, turn to the left and head to the small corridor. Once you get to reach the storage room, there are bars you can go through and pass a small opening leading to the room. Just go up to the storage boxes and you can see and grab Sheet Music 1.

Music Sheet 2/8: Clementine’s Apartment (Outside)

Stray Location 2
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After Momo’s flat, you can go ahead to Clementine’s apartment. The second music sheet can be found outside the apartment. You may want to the balcony outside and spot a roof-like cover in bluish-green color. There is a garden table just below the awning, so hop on and you can grab the Sheet Music 2.

Location 3/8: Elliot’s House

Stray Location 3
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On the next, go to Elliot’s house because that’s where you can find the next music sheet. Well, consider this as one of the easiest to spot among all the sheets you have to find. Just go straight inside and to the large robot painting. On the left part of the painting, you can spot the third music sheet, so grab it!

Music Sheet 4/8: Market Place

Stray Location 4
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Moving on, head straight to Market Place. In the market, you get to see and meet Azooz, the robot seller. Head to the alleyway where you met the Guardian before. Before coming in to meet Azooz, drop by the nearby Vending Machine and buy an Energy Drink Speed 2K. What for? After buying, head to Azooz, he has the fourth music sheet. To get that, he sells the music sheet in exchange for the energy drink. Trade it with the robot merchant, and you now have your fourth music sheet.

Music Sheet 5/8: Dufer Bar

Stray Location 5
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Moreover, another music sheet location would be in the Dufer Bar. You can see the red neon sign and the bar can be seen from where you met the Guardian (just a few turns and you can see the sign). This is the other sheet that is one of the easiest to spot so head upstairs to the bar, aside from Elliot’s house. Just hop on the booth tables and you can find it on one of them, tada! the fifth music sheet.

Music Sheet 6/8: Clementine’s Apartment (Inside)

Stray Location 6
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Furthermore, and just two more, you can now go straight first to Clementine’s apartment. yes, back to Clementine’s again, but this time, you can see the music sheet inside. Go to the sliding wooden door through the holes you can pass through. Look to your right after entering, and you can spot the sixth music sheet on the tall bookshelf, grab it then.

Music Sheet 7/8: Doc’s Library

Stray Location 7
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Additionally, the next location is somewhat a place quite significant in Stray. also, a music sheet location so head to the Doc’s library. You may need to remember that you can find the notebook here that you need for the main quest in the game. Anyways, enter the library and head straight to the piano. On the Doc’s piano, hop up and you can grab the seventh music sheet here.

Music Sheet 8/8: Mysterious Safe

Stray Location 8
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Lastly, the eighth music sheet is hidden in the mysterious safe near Morusque. The place is right down the alley to the Sewer entrance then turn left. There would be some kind of note that you can follow to see the safe. Well, it’s quite a long chase, but the mysterious safe code is 1-2-8-3, then grab the eighth and last music sheet.

There’s a cute little surprise from your musical friend after you finish this quest, players!  You can listen to whole different songs to be played by your friend after completing.

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