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In this article, we will guide you on where to locate all notebooks in chapter 4 of the indie-game Stray. Enjoy! You must obtain four notebooks, each of which includes information you need outside. This is how you will finish the fourth chapter of Stray.

The indie third-person adventure game Stray was developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive.

Despite being the talk of the town ever since its reveal back in 2020, the independent game Stray is one of the most widely anticipated releases of 2022. One of the main reasons why people have such a strong interest in cats in a cyberpunk future is because of our capacity to control them.

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Despite being a relatively short standalone adventure, Stray contains twelve chapters. Looking at the chapter list can help you gauge how far you’ve gone and how near you are to the game’s conclusion.

Notebooks and Momo Location

Players of Stray will encounter Guardian, the neighborhood’s red-cloaked protector, not long after first setting foot in the slums. He will discuss the Outsiders and suggest speaking to a robot named Momo. You will learn more about the outside world if you show him or any of the other robots the postcard you picked up earlier from the outside.

To advance the primary plot of Stray, you must go to Momo’s residence, which is a tall structure close to an orange neon sign. When you get to Momo, he’ll say that his pals have vanished. He will as well say that he can’t get in touch with them since the transceiver he’s developing is broken. You will have to search the slums for four notebooks that are hidden there in order to assist him in fixing it.




  • After speaking with you, Momo will hand you his journal. This is before telling you that he’s finished dreaming about the outside world.
    • B-12, Stray’s robot friend, will advise locating the other three notebooks after studying the first one.
    • They are all hidden in towering buildings that are nearby. Each of them bears the Outsiders logo—a white face with a circle for a mouth on a blue backdrop.
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  • You should return outside after obtaining Momo’s Notebook and turn to your left.
    • You will spot a tall structure with enclosed metal railings along the side and a big blue Outsiders sign on the roof.
    • Remove the energy cell from the fan once you are on the roof in order to be able to enter the apartment.
    • You can discover Zbaltazar’s Notebook there, hidden beneath a box close to the sofa.
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  • In an apartment filled with books, inside a guarded vault, is where you’ll find Doc’s Notebook.
    • The location can be found by looking for a little lit sign with the Outsiders emblem close to a rooftop with a couch and tv.
    • You must locate Doc’s bedroom once you are inside the apartment. Next is to translate the message on the bed, and discover that Doc has a safe concealed beneath some of the adjacent books.
    • The key to the safe will be given to you once B-12 has finished translating the note.
    • You can then make your way back into the main area of the apartment. After that, go up a ladder that is located at the end of a row of bookcases.
    • In order to use the key to open the safe and obtain Doc’s Notebook, you must first push over a stack of books that is below ground level.
Screengrab Courtesy of Hold To Reset via YouTube
Screengrab Courtesy of Hold To Reset via YouTube


  • The last notebook is at Clementine’s apartment, which is almost exactly across from Momo’s. Because of the enormous white Outsiders emblem that has been painted on the building’s façade, you will be able to recognize it pretty easily.
  • You can find Clementine’s Notebook on the desktop next to her computer by entering the window and squeezing through a space in the glass-paneled sliding door.
Screengrab Courtesy of Hold To Reset via YouTube


You must go back to Momo’s apartment once you’ve located all four of the Outsiders’ notebooks. He will read the note describing the weakness in the transceiver’s design after being shown the other three notebooks, at which point he will start to fix it.

But sadly, it can’t pick up a signal in the slums, so you will have to travel to Zurk territory and Stray’s fifth chapter to look for a signal.

I am Speed Trophy

  • It’s crucial to note that in order to earn the I am Speed Stray trophy, you must complete the entire game in under two hours.
    • This means that it will take less than two hours to complete all 12 Chapters.
    • If we perform mathematics correctly, we can declare with confidence that we must complete each chapter in less than 10 minutes in order to meet our objective.

An average player will require about five hours to finish Stray and see the credits. However, that time frame may vary based on the participants’ strategies.

  • There are 27 objects to find and collect throughout Stray’s 12 chapters.
  • The desire of completists to win every award will also increase the game’s overall playability.

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PS Plus Extra + Premium Subscribers Perks

When Stray launches on PlayStation, it will be a free download for PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers.

  • PlayStation owners can get Extra for $14.99 per month and Premium for $17.99 per month.
  • Stray costs $29.99, thus it would be beneficial to join a higher tier for at least one month in order to benefit from the discounted price of the game.
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