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This article will discuss how to find the location of the Secret Lab in Chapter 6 of Stray. Keep reading for more details. There are several challenges in Chapter 6 of Stray, the first of which asks the player to look about Doc’s old apartment to find the lab.

Chapter 6 – The Secret Lab

Players of Stray will once more find themselves in the slums after scaling Zurk-infested rooftops to install Momo’s recently repaired transceiver.

When you arrive, you must meet Momo in the pub, where Jacob will explain that Doc was developing a weapon to combat the Zurks until he gone missing in the events preceding Stray. Despite the fact that Momo was unaware of Doc’s weapon, he does remember his old friend making reference to a secret laboratory a few times and considers going over to Doc and Seamus’ house to take a look at it.

  • Following him there will allow players to do so, but they will have to look around the apartment on their own because Momo is much too big to fit through the damaged vent.
  • The first of two substantial problems in Stray’s Chapter 6 is presented below.

The Apartment

The moment you enter the flat, you see Seamus dozing off on the couch. But as soon as he wakes up, you should ask him about the hidden lab and present him the Doc’s notebook from Chapter 4.

  1. Start climbing up onto the desk with the photos and certificates hanging above it instead of talking to the man who seems willing to help them discover it but doesn’t look to have any valuable content.

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  2. The ability to knock down the portraits is something that you will discover upon progressing and getting near certain objects.
    • The technique should be quite familiar to those who have already opened the safe in the slums. Just press the button that flashes when it appears. The only two of these photos that you should actually be concerned about are those that can be knocked off the wall.

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  3. To the right wing of the desk, on the first, is a portrait of two robots shaking hands. The second painting that needs to be knocked off is the one of the yellow robot on the far left of the desk.
  4. By translating the concealed phrase by B-12, it translates as Time Will Tell. Unlike the Digicode panel from the ending of Chapter 3, this one shows a concealed pad that demands a four-digit code rather than a secret message.

The Secret Lab Code

  • You will need to use the cryptic message you just discovered in order to decipher the code for the secret lab in the proper manner.
    • The phrase “Time Will Tell” obviously alludes to the four clocks on the neighboring wall, which are set to two, five, one, and one o’clock, respectively, from left to right.
    • Since 2511 is the four-digit code to access Doc’s secret lab door, you can assume that entering it into the Digicode panel on the wall will access a hidden doorway.

      Screengrab Courtesy of Trophy Tom via YouTube
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