Street Fighter 6: All characters Age + Height & Weight

Street Fighter 6 character age height and weight

Street Fighter is one of the oldest fighting games in the world. It’s safe to say most players worldwide have at least heard or played this game at some point in their life. Street Fighter 6 brings back various old and new characters together. In this article, we will focus on the age, height, and weight of all the characters in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 | All Character Age + Height & Weight

Character Name  Age  Height  Weight
Cammy  49 5’5 (167cm) 134 lbs
Lily 18-19 5’3 (161 cm) 106 lbs
Zangief 67 7’0 (213 cm) 399 lbs
JP 68 6’3 (192 cm) 214 lbs
Marisa 35-40 6’8 (207 cm) 269 lbs
Manon 35-40 5’9 (179 cm) 129 lbs
Dee Jay 57 6’0 (182 cm) 203 lbs
E. Honda 62 6’1 (185 cm) 302 lbs
Dhalsim 70 5’9 (175 cm) (can vary) 106 lbs (can vary)
Blanka 57 6’4 (195 cm) 216 lbs
Ken 58 5’9 (179 cm) 183 lbs
Juri 38 5’5 (167 cm) 126 lbs
Kimberly 23 5’6 (170 cm) 134 lbs
Guile 62 6’0 (182 cm) 218 lbs
Chun-Li 55 5’7 (173 cm) Secret
Jamie  28 5’9 (179 cm) 170 lbs
Luke 27 6’1 (185 cm) 198 lbs
Ryu 58 5’9 (179 cm) 187 lbs

How old and tall is Cammy?

She is a member of Delta Red, a special forces group of the British. She distinguished herself in the fight against Shadaloo, with whom she had a predetermined relationship. Cammy is competent, though a little cranky, and is working at HQ right now.

Age: 49 Height: 5’5 (167cm)  Weight:134 lbs

How old and tall is Lily?

Lily is a member of the Thunderfoot clan. She communicates with natural spirits and relies on their advice as she traverses the world. Never judge a book by its cover — despite her little size, she possesses genuinely immense and brutal strength.

Age: 18-19 Height: 5’3 (161 cm) Weight: 106 lbs

How old and tall is Zangief?

The Red Cyclone is the enormous wrestler known as Zangief. Zangief is committed to helping his students learn and improve their physical condition. He enjoys Cossack dancing and wrestling but despises projectiles like Hadokens. Be careful of this giant wrestler!

Age: 67 Height: 7’0 (213 cm) Weight: 399 lbs

How old and tall is JP?

JP is the executive director of an international NGO and the driving force behind Nayshall’s current economic success. This Street Fighter 6 character adores a cat by the name of Cybele. He enjoys eating traditional foods and playing chess but detests stains on his shirt and always cleans.

Age: 68 Height: 6’3 (192 cm) Weight: 214 lbs

How old and tall is Marisa? 

Italian jewelry designer Marisa, who is on the rise, claims to be descended from Greek warriors. When she was young, she had a dream of the Colosseum at its height. She now pursues glory with a grin and an eye for aesthetics. She is frightened of heights, which is ironic, given how tall she is.

Age: 35-40 Height: 6’8 (207 cm) Weight: 269 lbs

How old and tall is Manon?

Manon is a supermodel and judo world champion. She is an idealist, constantly working to better herself in the name of beauty. Manon walks the runway of street combat to become the strongest model in the world. She loves cosmetics but ironically hates crowds even though she is a supermodel.

Age: 35-40 Height: 5’9 (179 cm) Weight:  129 lbs

How old and tall is Dee Jay?

Dee Jay enjoys singing and dancing, just as his name would imply, and he abhors stillness to the core. Dee Jay is a dance music superstar known worldwide and is always up for a good time.

Age: 57 Height: 6’0 (182 cm) Weight: 203 lbs

How old and tall is E. Honda?

A sumo wrestler who wants to popularise the sport internationally. He enjoys taking showers but despises the irrationality of others around him. He never hesitates to charge headlong toward putting an opponent out; that much is certain.

Age: 62 Height: 6’1 (185 cm)  Weight: 302 lbs

How old and tall is Dhalsim?

An Indian monk and yoga teacher who has helped innumerable lost souls in their agony. Since it is his work, is it surprising that he enjoys meditation and despises getting agitated? As a monk, he doesn’t like starting fights, but when he’s in one, he’s determined to win.

Age: 70 Height: 5’9 (175 cm) (can vary)
Weight: 106 lbs (can vary)

How old and tall is Blanka?

Blanka, a kind-hearted protector of the environment, has turned into an adventure tour guide, hoping that his intimate familiarity with the bush will help him achieve popularity and provide his mother with a nice life. Don’t judge him based on his appearance—he adores his Blanka doll!

Age: 57 Height: 6’4 (195 cm) Weight: 216 lbs

How old and tall is Ken?

Ken is a former vice president of the Master’s Foundation and former US National Fighting Champion. Ken loves his family but despises needless meetings. We’re unsure if this also includes getting to know his family. Ken has been forced to leave his family and career and go into hiding after being accused of planning a criminal scheme.

Age: 58 Height: 5’9 (179 cm) Weight: 183 lbs

How old and tall is Juri?

Juri is a vicious thrill-seeker who delights in other people’s conflicts and misery and finds great satisfaction in destroying her enemies. Juri and Rules are at odds with one another, and she has an odd preoccupation with spiders.

Age: 38 Height: 5’5 (167 cm) Weight: 126 lbs

How old and tall is Kimberly?

Kimberly was raised in a typical household. Despite growing up in this setting, she is a true genius who graduated from college early, is now interested in becoming a ninja, and is a fan of 1980s pop culture.

Age: 23 Height: 5’6 (170 cm) Weight: 134 lbs

How old and tall is Guile?

Guile, a US Air Force fighter who defends his nation, successfully took down Shadaloo and exacted revenge on his comrade Charlie. He takes pleasure in being a family man and detests it when others withhold things from him. He is not a big fan of privacy, is he?

Age: 62 Height: 6’0 (182 cm) Weight: 218 lbs

How old and tall is Chun-Li?

She instructs kung fu and has earned the respect of the neighborhood. There is no need for brains to figure out why Chun-li is one of the top fan favorites. One look at her, and you’ll understand why many players in the SF community adore her.

Age: 55 Height: 5’7 (173 cm) Weight: Secret

How old and tall is Jamie?

Just like us, Jamie despises lectures. He considers himself a Chinatown peacekeeper and looks up to Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons, as his role models. Jamie, a talented dancer who prioritizes justice and friendship over all else, protects his community with martial arts prowess.

Age: 28 Height: 5’9 (179 cm) Weight: 170 lbs

How old and tall is Luke?

Luke teaches mixed martial arts using his experience in the elite military. He fights, plays video games, and consumes junk food on his days off. For a moment, that sounds like a typical Friday night for most gamers out there.

Age: 27 Height: 6’1 (185 cm)  Weight: 198 lbs

How old and tall is Ryu?

Isn’t it strange how Ryu hates spiders? No wonder he goes full throttle against Juri. He loves martial arts, and that’s already evident just by looking at his outfit!

Age: 58 Height: 5’9 (179 cm) Weight: 187 lbs


What did you think of our guesstimates? If we missed a character or you’d like to share your guesstimates on the ages, weight, and heights of all Street Fighter 6 characters, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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