In the new Genshin Impact update, a new mission called Sound of Discord has been added to Act III: Realm of Fog and Wind. In this mission, players must locate a suspicious person carrying a package in Mondstadt.

Many Genshin Impact players have struggled to find the suspicious person, and if you’re one of them, look no further because we have a guide that covers the subject in the most straightforward manner possible!

How to locate the suspicious person?

Because the developer has not marked the suspicious person’s location on the map, it is difficult for players to find them. Before we show you how to find a suspicious man in Genshin Impact, you should know that he doesn’t have a package in his hand.

Follow these steps!

  • Firstly, travel to Mondstadt and meet up with Vile. He’ll give you a code that’ll identify you as a treasure hunter.
  • Once you’ve gotten your hands on that secret code, you’ll need to approach the suspect with the package.
    • You’ll find him near the Plaza’s fountain!

  • When you arrive at his location, proceed to the door and look for the suspicious man near the stairwell.
  • Approach him and strike up a conversation!
  • Play along with him and convince him that you, too, are a treasure hoarder.
  • Continue to converse with him until he believes you’re one of them.
    • He will mention Windrise during the conversation.

  • You will be forced to reveal your identity. The Knights of Favonius will then take the man away.
  • Travel to Windrise.

That’s all there is to know about finding a suspicious man carrying a package in Genshin Impact!

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