Tales of Arise has recently been released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. PS 4 and PS 5. Fans of the new release can find the default controls and the guide to change controls according to their preferences below.

Action Keyboard/Mouse
Move Forward W
Move Left A
Move Backward S
Move Right D
Toggle Run/Dash Z
Toggle Walk/Run X
Jump Spacebar
Target Alt
Switch Ctrl
Evade / Guard Shift or Right Mouse Button
Normal Attack Q or Left Mouse Button
Arte Attack 1 R
Arte Attack 2 E
Arte Attack 3 F
Boost Attack 1 1
Boost Attack 2 2
Boost Attack 3 3
Boost Attack 4 4
Pause Tab
Display Information Alt
Help H
Area Map M
Reset Camera C or Mouse Wheel Button
Move Camera Up Up Arrow
Move Camera Left Left Arrow
Move Camera Down Down Arrow
Move Camera Right Right Arrow

Change Controls

In case players feel they need to change controls in order to feel more comfortable and experience the game better, a few simple steps will allow them to customize controls to their liking. The following steps can be followed to change the controls.

  1. Go to Settings Menu before entering the game
  2. In the Settings Menu, scroll down and you will find the Key Bindings Menu
  3. Select the Key Bindings menu and you will be able to see current control settings
  4. Press enter on the binding you would like to change and enter the alternative key you would like to bind for that specific control

If you have already started playing, you can access the Settings menu in the pause menu, from where you can follow the same steps to change the key bindings. Make sure that each key is bound to only one function. Go ahead, players, customize your game and explore the world of Tales of Arise!

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