Champions with the Assassin trait are usually adept at taking out single high-value targets. Assassins frequently have the capacity to reach quite close to their target quickly, as evidenced by the innate ability that every assassin has in Teamfight Tactics, which makes them invisible and causes them to jump to the farthest enemy on the board.

When assassins are added to Teamfight Tactics, they have a phase where they completely dominate the meta. Katarinas, Shacos, and Talons stomp down on the team in Set 6.

There are, however, broad guidelines for dealing with assassins in any season of the game. So, here are some suggestions to assist you and your backlines in surviving this meta.


  • Because assassins don’t have many area-of-effect skills, clustering allied champions in a corner will keep them from reaching the squishy backline. Be wary, allied units can move forward at the same time, leaving open gaps behind the backline for assassins to exploit.
  • Place the unimportant tanky champion to the spot furthest away from the Assassins. This will cause the assassins to target that champion instead of your more valued units.
Image Courtesy of Cornell Blogs
  • Assassins usually deal critical damage. Using Phantom Dancer would negate this and the assassins would be dealing non-critical damage instead.
  • Put a high DPS champion where they are unable to attack the enemy frontline but will instead attack the assassins once they jump. This will allow your champion to take out the assassins first.

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