Teamfight Tactics: Set 6.5 Neon Nights, All You Need To Know

Teamfight Tactics’ upcoming mid-set update will shake the meta once more. New champion traits, 80 augments, and changes to the entire roster make it one of the most significant mid-set updates in TFT history. One of the biggest news to come with Neon Lights is the introduction of Arcane character Silco, who’ll be making his first in-game appearance. It marks the first time TFT will use an original character outside of the League of Legends champion pool.

  • Silco is a Tier 5 champion with the unique ability Mastermind. Silco can designate two champions in front of him as subordinates, giving them increased mana regen.
  • Set 6.5 will also introduce Renata Glasc in TFT, coinciding with her League debut. She will be a Tier 4 champion with the Chemtech and Scholar traits. She will be more of a ranged carry in TFT.

Champion Traits

A mid-set update means some traits will retire to make room for new ones. Those leaving Set 6 will be:

Academy Protectors
Imperial Sisters

Older traits will be updated or changed to keep the game fresh. The introduction of new ones will also give players more options to experiment. You’ll find a list of all the 6.5 traits, effects, and champions in the Infographic released by Riot Games below:

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Augments and More

Some of the augments from set 6 retire, but much more will replace them. Neon Nights boasts 80 new augments and changes to those remaining from Set 6. The game will also introduce the item Edge of Night, which works as an anti-burst item that gives stealth briefly to a champion.

Neon Lights entered the PBE on Feb 1, while its live release will be on Patch 12.4 scheduled on the 16th.

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