The best Elden Ring character planners you can use for free

The best Elden Ring character planners you can use for free

Venturing into the Lands Between and crafting the perfect Tarnished ain’t exactly a walk in the park. That’s where an Elden Ring character planner comes in – like your personal sorcerer showing you the way to ultimate power!

1. Build Planner

This planner is your one-stop shop for building a beastly Elden Ring character. Wanna see how much that fancy new sword boosts your damage? lets you plug in your stats and equipment to see the impact on your build. It’s like having a mini-oracle whispering sweet optimization secrets in your ear. Here are some highlights:

  • Track Every Stat: From Vigor (health) to Arcane (magic damage), you can see how every point makes your Tarnished a wrecking ball.
  • Gear Up Without Getting Weighed Down: This planner helps you balance your armor, weapons, and talismans to dodge like a ninja without feeling like a sumo wrestler.
  • Weapon Wizz: Find out which weapon cuts through enemies like butter based on your stats and upgrades. No more swinging rusty spoons in a boss fight!
  • Armor Up for Glory: This Elden Ring character planner helps you find the perfect armor combo to be a walking fortress without sacrificing that sweet mobility.
  • This planner’s a godsend for both PvE (monster-bashing) and PvP (battling other players) – basically, it’ll have you dominating any situation.
  • Check it out here: [Tarnished Dev]

2. Elden Planner

This community-made planner lets you get down to the nitty-gritty of building your dream Tarnished. It’s like having a blueprint for awesomeness:

  • Pick Your Perfect Path: Start by choosing your class (e.g., warrior or Mage) and seeing how those starting stats influence your build.
  • Stat Allocation Station: Dump points into the stats that suit your playstyle and watch your character transform into a powerhouse.
  • Gear Galore: Choose from a massive selection of weapons, armor, and spells to see how each piece complements your overall strategy.
  • Elden Planner is all about making things easy to understand, even for total newbies. Plus, it lets you compare items and stats with actual in-game data, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.
  • Explore your build-crafting destiny here: [Elden Planner]

3. Fextralife Build Calculator

This calculator is part of the amazing Fextralife Wiki, an Elden Ring knowledge treasure trove. While it’s still under construction, it’s already got a ton of features to help you optimize your build:

  • Easy-Peasy Interface: Sliders and drop-down menus make tweaking your stats and equipment a breeze. No need for a PhD in Elden Ring engineering!
  • Gear Breakdown: See exactly how each piece of equipment affects your attack, defense, and other important stats. Knowledge is power, Tarnished!
  • Data Overdrive: This calculator connects with the Fextralife Wiki, giving you access to detailed info on every weapon, armor set, and item in the game. No more going in blind!
  • Even though it’s in beta, the Fextralife Build Calculator is a serious contender for both beginners and Elden Ring veterans.
  • Check it out here: [Elden Ring Wiki]

4. ER Inventory Planner

This planner combines build planning with keeping track of all your loot – perfect for Tarnished who like to stay organized while dominating the Lands Between:

  • Inventory Management Nirvana: Keep tabs on all your weapons, armor, spells, and crafting materials. No more forgetting that legendary sword you stashed away somewhere!
  • Build Like a Boss: Input your stats, equipment, and spells to see the impact on your character. It’s like having a mini-simulator for ultimate build optimization.
  • Simple Does It: The interface is super user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to jump in and start planning their Elden Ring destiny.
  • This planner is about keeping you organized and maximizing your build’s potential.
  • Conquer your inventory and the Lands Between here: [Elden Ring Inventory Planner]

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