There are exactly 15 combination locks in The Last of Us Part II. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and gathered all the combinations. Here they are, sorted by order and chapter of the game. You can check the current chapter name in the ‘Save Game’ menu.

The Last of Us Part II Review

Jackson – Patrol:

This is in the Patrol chapter of the Jackson prologue. There’s a note on the table here that says the combination is the date “my good boy got employee of the month.” When you notice the dog photos on the table, you can go back to this wall and see that the dog got employee of the month in July 2013, so that’s 07 20 13. You’ll find parts, crafting materials, and supplements

Day 1 – Downtown #1 – Bank:

The second combination is for the bank vault in Seattle Day 1, during the Downtown chapter. You should find a note closeby with a diagram of the bank and the combination, 60 23 06. There’s a new weapon here, the shotgun, so it’s really essential. There’s also a ring inside a safety deposit box.

Day 1 – Downtown #2 – Gate West 2:

Our third combination is for the safe at Gate West 2. We’re still in Seattle Day 1, Downtown You’ll see graffiti telling you to use the gate code, and when you check the list of gate codes from earlier, you’ll see this combination is 04 51. You’ll get some parts, supplements, ammo, a medkit, and a trading card.

Day 1 – Downtown #3 – Courthouse:

Number four is our last combination for the Seattle Day 1 Downtown chapter. At the bottom of this stairwell in the courthouse, break the glass, and you’ll see the combination inside this room on the wall. The safe is under the window and that combination is 86 07 22. You’ll find parts, supplements, ammo and crafting materials.

Day 1 – Capitol Hill:

Number five is found in the Capitol Hill chapter of Day 1. In the thrift store, you’ll find this note. It says the safe combination is the last six digits of Staci’s phone number. Behind you in the bathroom this is written on the wall. So that combination is 55 01 33. Be careful, as there’s a legless clicker in the room here. Inside this safe you’ll find ammo, a medkit, and crafting supplies.

Day 1 – The Tunnels combination door:

Number six is in The Tunnels chapter of Day 1. Past this sign that says Station Access, you’ll come into a room with a combination lock door. You’ll see a note that says “get me a soda and the code is yours.” If you break the glass on the vending machine, there’s a soda can with this note. The rest of the code is 15243. Inside this room there’s crafting materials, supplements, and ammo.

Day 2 – Hillcrest:

Number seven is during Day 2 in the Hillcrest chapter. Inside the back room of this bar, there’s a note with a combination. Be prepared to clear out some infected. The room with the safe is across the street behind the store in an alley, blocked with a dumpster. The room is full of infected, but you can open the door and hit them with a molotov since they’re so closely grouped together. That combination is 30 82 65. This is an important one, as it contains a highly-useful short gun holster as well as ammo, parts and crafting materials.

Day 2 – The Seraphites #1 – Apartment:

Number eight is an apartment in Day 2’s The Seraphites chapter, and it’s easy to miss. Climb up here and break the glass to get inside this right apartment from the outside. There’s a note that says the safe combination is our wedding date. On the calendar, it says their 30th anniversary is 10 08 13. Subtract 30 years, and you get 10 08 83. There’s supplements and ammo inside.

Day 2 – The Seraphites #2 – Weston’s store:

Number nine is also in The Seraphites chapter, when Ellie is swimming before she reaches the hospital. Up in a shop called ‘Westons,’ a note under the cash register contains the safe combination. The safe is just behind here, through a hole in the wall, and that combo is 38 55 23. The safe has supplements, ammo and crafting supplies.

Day 3 – The Flooded City:

Number ten is in the Flooded City chapter. Ellie will reach this gate in her boat. Get out, go up the stairs, and the note with the safe combination is on her left. Move this pallet and crawl under here to drop down and access the safe with that combination 70 12 64. There’s parts, ammo, and crafting supplies here.

Day 1 (Abby) – On Foot:

Number eleven is the first of five safes in Abby’s portion of the game. It’s found in Day 1 during the On Foot chapter. Break the rear window of this trailer with a glass bottle or brick and climb inside. This note mentions that the combo is “the big win.” If you look on the wall behind you, there’s a lottery ticket with three winning numbers circled. Head out of the trailer and through this crack in the wall to find the safe, which uses those winning numbers 17 38 08. You’ll find a new gun, the Hunting Pistol, as well as some ammo.

Day 1 (Abby) – Hostile Territory:

Head up the last building in the strip mall and jump across to find this note with a combination. The safe is back downstairs and opens with 68 96 89. There’s supplements, ammo and materials here.

Day 1 (Abby) – The Coast:

On the first floor of this ship at the end you’ll find a note with the combination to a safe that’s all the way on the top deck. Take out the infected, head up, and use 90 77 01 to open this safe for a training manual, parts, supplements, and some ammo.

Day 2 (Abby) – The Shortcut:

In this apartment, there’s a note that mentions the safe combination is the apartment number followed by the neighbors apartment number. Check the door numbers and you’ll find that’s 302304. Come back inside and the safe opens with 30-23-04. It’s got parts, crafting supplies and ammo.

Day 2 (Abby) – The Descent:

The last safe in the game, number fifteen, is also in Abby’s Day 2 during The Descent chapter. There’s a note here that mentions the code being the same as the Wifi. On the wall of the gym, you can see the wifi is 12 18 79, and that’s the code you’ll use for the safe. It’s got supplements and crafting supplies.


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