Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom Master Sword Guide
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In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Master Sword represents power and bravery. However, acquiring it is quite a challenge. The game developers have really stepped it up a notch, making the whole thing harder, but more interesting than ever before.

Obtaining the Master Sword

  1. Progress through the main quests until the Paraglider is unlocked.
  2. Acquire 2 rings of stamina by obtaining five Stamina Vessels from Goddess Statues, which requires 20 Lights of Blessing earned by completing Shrines.

Recommended Items:

You need to be well-equipped to obtain the Master Sword, so stock up on the following items:

  1. At least 15-20 Bomb Flowers
  2. At least 3 pristine weapons with 20 or more attack power (preferably spear archetype)
  3. A potion or meal that significantly increases armor
  4. Brightbloom Seeds for Navigating the Depths
  5. A single Hover Stone (optional but helpful)

Go to the Drenan Highlands

The quest begins at the Drenan Highlands Malice Pit, located north of Hyrule Castle near the Kikakin Shrine. Accessing Korok Forest from the Lost Woods or the sky will not work, so you must enter the forest from below, in the depths.

Legend of Zelda Master Sword Location Minshi Woods Chasm
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  • Gather your courage and dive headfirst into the chasm. If this is your first time exploring the depths, use your arrows and Bright Bloom seeds to light the area.
  • Choose your path wisely – going left is faster but requires heat-resistant armor while going right is slower but safer.
  • Activate any Light Roots you find to illuminate the path and conserve your arrows and bow durability.
  • Navigate to the specified coordinates, where you’ll encounter a Gloom Master. Defeat it using bomb arrows and maintain your distance.
0784 1943 0613

Thanks to AwesomeFaceProd for the coordinates!

Great Deku Tree Boss Fight (Spoiler)

  • Upon arrival, activate the nearby Shrine for fast travel and prepare for a brutal battle against a  Phantom Ganon.
  • Use bombs, armor potions, and dodge attacks to defeat your foes. Once victorious, the gloom will be purged from the Great Deku Tree.
Legend of Zelda Master Sword Location Phantom Ganon Fight
Courtesy of Nintendo Unity (YouTube)

The Great Deku Tree

  • Upon his defeat, you’ll arrive at the Great Deku Tree, which requires assistance. Enter another chasm and be prepared for another Gloom Master and Phantom Ganon encounter.
  • A cutscene will play, and the location of the Master Sword will be revealed on your map.

Get the Master Sword (Spoiler)

  • If you haven’t activated all the Skyview Towers, consider doing so now, as the sword is located in the sky. Fast travel to the Skyview Tower closest to the Master Sword’s location.
  • You’ll soon discover that the sword is attached to a colossal dragon. Land on the beast and carefully make your way to the sword on its head.
  • You will need two wheels of stamina to successfully retrieve the weapon.
Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom Master Sword How to Get
Courtesy of Nintendo Unity (YouTube)

Master Sword Stats and Capabilities:

The Master Sword is unbreakable but will run out of energy after extensive use, requiring a 10-minute recharge.

  • The sword can be fused with items, although they will be lost once the energy is depleted.
  • While at full heart, players can unleash damaging blue waves of light by holding the throw button and releasing it when the sword is entirely held back.

Acquiring Master Sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a rewarding experience, offering players a powerful and iconic weapon to aid in their quest. With this guide, you will be well-equipped to overcome the challenges that await and wield the legendary Master Sword in no time.

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