The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Temple of Time | How to unlock

Legend of Zelda is back with another game: Tears of the Kingdom, and if’s filled with lots of exciting and captivating puzzles. Players all around the world are on their switches trying to figure out and solve these puzzles. One of the first things to do in-game is to locate four shrines. Upon completion of each shrine, you will be one step closer on how to unlock the Temple of Time. When this unlocks, you can escape the Great Sky Island tutorial area. Despite being a ‘tutorial’, do not underestimate the challenges that come with it.

Not to worry, your friendly neighborhood gaming guide is here to help you out on how to unlock the Temple of Time in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Unraveling the Temple of Time in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In order to unlock the Temple of Time in Zelda: ToTK, you need to complete four of the shrines in-game. The four shrines are-

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Shrine and Temple of time location

  • Ukouh Shrine
  • In-Isa Shrine
  • Gutanbac Shrine
  • Nachoya Shrine

Ukouh Shrine | Location 

  • To find the entrance to Ukouh Shrine, head in the western direction from the locked door of the Temple of Time.
  • Keep an eye out for a green glowing structure situated on a cliff nearby. This is the entrance to the shrine.
  • You’ll come across a set of stairs that will guide you toward the Shrine. Climb up to reach the entrance of the Shrine.

This is where you learn one of the new abilities introduced in Legend of Zelda: ToTK, the Ultrahand. [To read more about the abilities in Tears of Kingdom click here.] Using the Ultrahand solve the simple puzzles that you’ll be challenged with.

In-Isa Shrine | Location 

  • After leaving Ukouh Shrine, head west and south to find a rail crossing a chasm.
  • Use your Ultrahand ability to attach a hook to a plank, connecting it to the rail. This will allow you to ride the rail. Further ahead, you’ll come across a broken bridge.
  • Using your Ultrahand ability again connect two logs to cover the gap and cross it.
  • Reach the lake and then combine three logs to create a raft. Attach a sail to cross the lake or attach a fan underneath to submerge the raft as a makeshift submarine.
  • On the other shore, you’ll find the entrance to In-Isa Shrine.

This is where you learn the Fuse ability. Using the Fuse ability, solve the simple puzzles that you’ll be challenged with once again, not only in this shrine, but all the shrines spread across The Legend of Zelda: TotK.

Gutanbac Shrine | Location 

  • After exiting the In-Isa Shrine, head towards the east. Your goal is to locate a cave. Enter the cave and follow the path inside.
  • You’ll encounter Maker Constructs who will teach you some new mechanics and provide powerful items. One NPC will also give you a Zonai Capsule with a fan.
  • Grab a nearby minecart, attach the fan to the back, and ride the rail to the next area.
  • From here, you’ll notice the Gutanbac Shrine.  Beware that the shrine is surrounded by snow. Crossing this area without appropriate gear leads to freezing and health loss.
  • Fortunately, you will find several Spicy Peppers along the path. Collect them and cook them in nearby pots to create dishes that grant Cold Resistance.
  • To reach the Gutanbac Shrine, start by constructing a raft to cross the nearby lake. Follow the path up the mountain, where you’ll encounter a cliff wall and a waterfall.
  • Now, be careful as the snowy cliffside can be slippery. One of the simplest methods will be to sneak beside the waterfall and find a narrow, snow-free section of the cliff. Climb up that part to access the Gutanbac Shrine.

This is where you learn the Ascend ability. Using the Ascend ability, solve the simple puzzles that you’ll come across in the shrine. After you exit the shrine, look for the Zonai Wings that you’ll have to ride in order to reach the next location.

Nachoya Shrine | Location

  • The Zonai Wings will bring you to the locked door of the Temple of Time.
  • Enter the door. This is where you will acquire the Recall ability.
  • Attempt to open the door by rewinding the platforms. You’d fail miserably. Don’t get demotivated.
  • This is where the plot armor kicks in. Rauru will appear in order to help out Link. He will grant you the power to quickly travel between specific locations on the map.
  • Fast travel back to the Room of Awakening.
  • Use your essential skills to ascend through the vertical platform, activate the recall function on nearby gears, cross them, and continue through the nearby cavern.
  • Inside the cavern, you will find the entrance to Nachoya Shrine.
  • Nachoya Shrine focuses on using your recall ability and it is generally easy to navigate through its puzzles.

Upon completion of all the shrines, you’ll have a total of four blessings. These four blessings will allow you to head to the Temple of Time, exiting the start area. This is how you proceed to the main game of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Welcome to the kingdom of Hyrule! Get ready to embark on an epic journey once again and save Hyrule from the clutches of evil.

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