The Sims is a social simulation game. The Maxis studio and The Sims Studio developed it, while EA publishes it. The game includes all the different aspects of life. This also includes families in the game having as many babies as the players want them to.

It is quite easy to make Sim families in the game have babies. Players will just have to make sure that Sims find a romantic partner of their preferred gender to conceive. It is also possible for the Sim characters to adopt babies.

When it comes to the Sims having twins or even triplets, and that too naturally, players will need to go through a few more steps.


Challenges like the 100 Baby Challenge have added twins and triplets to players’ goals in the game. However, it is pretty rare for Sims to get pregnant with twins naturally. The chances for twins are about 10%, while for triplets it is just 1%.

However, it is possible for players to increase these chances. Some of the methods that can be used are listed below.

  • Fertile Rewards can be used. These are available in the Rewards Store for 3000 points.
  • Sims can receive a Fertility Massage from a Spa (Spa Day Game Pack)
  • Spa Sims’ wellness skills can be raised until they are able to give Massages. They can be used to give Fertility Massages to the pregnant Sim (Spa Day Game Pack)
  • A new lot trait, On The Ley Line, can be used to boost fertility (City Living Expansion Pack)
  • Wishing well can be used to increase fertility (Romantic Garden Stuff Pack)
  • The Herbalism skill adds a potion called Elixir of Fertility. This can specifically boost chances for a Sim to have twins or triplets (Outdoor Retreat Game Pack). The Sim will have to be at Level 10 in Herbalism and will need 2 False Morels, 3 Morel Mushrooms, 1 Blackberry, and 1 Dust Spirit.


In addition to the methods mentioned above, players can also use cheats. This can make their Sims have twins or triplets, or even more babies. In order to do this, follow the steps listed below.

  • When a Sim is pregnant, find their ID with first and last name.
  • This is done by typing in “sims.get_sim_id_by_name firstname lastname”
  • Use the cheat to force additional babies: “pregnancy.force_offspring_count Sim ID number of babies”

For example, the cheat should be: “pregnancy.force_offspring_count 1274232128954 4”. This way, the pregnant sim with ID 1274232128954 will have 4 babies at once.

Further, it is recommended that players do not use more cheats to speed up the pregnancy. This can cause issues in the game.

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