The Sims 4: Not So Berry Challenge Guide

The Sims 4 has many interesting and fun challenges. Challenges are a great way to make the game even more interesting, especially when there is no clear storyline. One of the recent challenges is the “Not So Berry Challenge.”

Not So Berry Challenge

The Not So Berry Challenge was created by Sims players and Youtubers alwaysimming and lilsimsie. In the challenge, players will be involved with one single Sims family for an entire ten generations! Therefore, it is quite a time-consuming challenge. Beginners might find the challenge a bit too long. It is recommended that players begin with shorter challenges, making their way up to such challenges.

The challenge does pose quite a challenge, but there is no one way to do it. Read on to find out how you can approach and complete this challenge.

Basic Rules:

  • Players should focus on bright colors and new experiences.
  • Each heir of a generation will represent a particular color. Their eyes, hair, clothes, make-up, and other features will have to fit that color.
  • The heir in each generation should complete their aspirations and their career.
  • Money cheats can be used, but must not be overused.
  • The lifespan of the Sims should be set to normal.

Ten Generations And Their Characteristics

The ten generations will have to satisfy specific criteria. For example, they will have to use the following ten colors:

Blue Green Orange Grey Mint
Plum Pink Peach Rose Yellow

Apart from the color, players will also have to keep an eye on the career and aspirations of their Sims. Each generation will have a specific career and aspiration that needs to be satisfied for the challenge.

Moreover, players can also use custom content to fit in with the colors of the challenge. This can be used to match the eyes, hair, make-up, clothes, and even the furniture.

Lot Traits

  • Since the challenge depends on the aspirations and career of the Sims, picking the right lot traits can help a great deal. For instance, when it is required for a Sim to complete their scientific career, using the Science Lair trait on the lot can help. This will help the Sim to develop the desired characteristic faster.

Using The Right Sims

  • In order to satisfy the different requirements for different generations, it is not enough only to focus on your own Sim. Keeping an eye on other Sims whom you interact with can also help with the challenge.
  • For example, to satisfy the mischief aspiration, the Sim will have to gain enemies while also not feeling bad about them. Vlad, the old vampire, is an ideal candidate for such a purpose.
  • In such a way, it is necessary to think about your Sims’ friends and neighbors as they may be needed to satisfy the challenge’s conditions.

Using Cheats

  • Cheats are allowed in the challenge. However, players must not become too dependent on cheats themselves. Playing without cheats makes the game even more challenging. However, cheats become a necessity in some areas of the challenge.
  • For instance, the sixth generation must only have two children, and that to twins. There is a high chance that this might not happen without cheats. Therefore, cheats become useful and a necessity at some parts of the challenge.

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