Toad Prince Guide, How To Defeat

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is still one of the best RPGs of all time and it is still very much trending. Not only old players keep playing it again and again on different difficulties, but there are a lot of new players every month as well. Though Witcher 3 might not be as difficult in lower difficulty levels, it can still surprise you.

Depending on your build, there will be certain very difficult fights, no matter what difficulty you are playing on. When it comes to monsters, there are many challenging fights in the game and one such fight is the Toad Prince in the Hearts of Stone expansion. It is a genuine fact that the expansions are much tougher than the main game, and you’ll feel this during this first boss fight. But don’t worry as we are here to guide you through it. All you need to do is follow the tips below.

When to Fight the Toad Prince?

It is a very tough fight if you aren’t done with the main story and your level is below 30. So, if you started playing the expansion out of nowhere, I recommend you to return and finish the main story first. After all, it is an expansion and is meant to be played after the main story. If you are done with the main story and are somehow still at level 30 or low, do some contracts and leftover side quests first. You need to be at least level 33 if you want to ace this fight easily.


You can’t go into this fight unprepared and without potions, as you won’t stand a chance without them. First of all, Toad Prince releases heavy toxins and the sewer where the fight will occur is toxic too. So, be sure to take Golden Oriole potion, and if you have Enhanced or Superior versions, even better! In case you don’t have Golden Oriole (like I didn’t), you can increase toxicity resistance in your character ability tree. Still, my recommendation would be to craft it first.

Apart from Golden Oriole, you might also want to take Swallow (Superior/Enhanced) because you will need to regenerate a lot since his attacks can wreck you. You will also need Thunderbolt potion as you won’t be able to get close easily and when you do, you need to make maximum damage. Also, take Cat potion in case you find it hard to see in sewers, although you won’t.


This totally depends on the build you have, but obviously, there are certain signs that work better than others. First of all, the bestiary suggests Axii but I wouldn’t recommend that much. Yrden also won’t work particularly well against him as he has a range of attacks and Yrden doesn’t hold him for long. Aard, as we all know, is pretty useless in combat throughout the game.

So, that leaves us with Quen and Igni. If you have a well upgraded Igni sign, then sure you can use it but in my opinion, Quen is your best friend here. I personally had a Quen and Strength attack build and that is exactly what I used. Toad Prince’s attacks are insanely strong and you definitely need Quen to guard you.

Combat – Dodge and Strength

The biggest skill you need to use here is dodge, much like most fights. Practice dodging a lot as you need to get closer, get a few slashes, and then dodge back. Use strength attacks with Cursed oil and Thunderbolt potion to make maximum damage when you get close to the stupid frog. Then again, dodge, dodge, and dodge!


  • The key to winning this fight is patience, which you must lot lose.
  • Do not get greedy or frustrated and attempt something unplanned.
  • Just Quen up, wait for him to finish his jump attacks, and then dive in, get a few hits, be careful of the toxic attacks, and dodge back as soon as your Quen shield explodes.
  • Then run around for a bit to regain stamina, Quen up again, and then repeat the process.
  • Keep doing this and you’ll get him without even losing a single vitality point.
  • Rush or try something unplanned and he might literally stomp you.

Rest, as I mentioned above, it totally depends on your character build. So, if you are confident about your Igni or even Axii, do try it out and tell us what worked for you. But dodging, potions, and patience are some things you definitely need to apply in all your plans.

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