Remember when we used acronyms and abbreviations only while texting because it was hard to keep pressing those phone keys? Well, we don’t remember it either. It’s 2022 and internet acronyms are practically part of our everyday vocabulary FR. Let’s take a peek at the list of the most used acronyms of the year 2022 in the most happening platform of all, TikTok.

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  • OOMF stands for One Of My Followers. Creators use this to mention someone without using their name. “Oomf needs to get a life!
  • FYP expands to the “For You Page,” where most TikTokers get their content. The TikTok equivalent of Instagram Explore. Using #FYP will get you more reach based on recommendations.
  • IB stands for “Inspired By,” and it’s used to credit TikTokers whose content inspired other creators.

#xyzbca, W or L, CEO

  • #xyzbca – This hashtag does not really stand for anything. It’s frequently used to trick the algorithm into promoting content.

  • W or L – This one’s pretty straightforward. Like in sports, W is for win and L is for loss. Popularized by multiplayer games like Fortnite where winners ask the loser to “take the L.
  • CEO – Just like in real life, the CEO stands for a chief executive officer on TikTok as well. But the context differs here. If someone comments that you are the “CEO” of something, they mean you are the best at doing it. “Girl, you’re the literal CEO of twerking.

TFW, sus, and ASL

  • TFW “That Feeling When” is used for talking about relatable emotions on TikTok. It is often referring to a particular emotion that people find relatable. E.g. TFW you reach into your pocket, and you can’t feel your phone.

Just feelin myself today I guess #tfw #cuteoutfit

♬ Unlock it (Lock It) [Jeff Prior Mix] – Charli XCX

  • Sus – short for suspicious. “Sus” shot to fame in 2020 thanks to the online multiplayer game Among Us where teams had to find the imposter based on how “sus” they are. 
  • ASL – If you think ASL stands for Age Sex Location, congratulations. You’re an internet veteran. But Tiktokers use ASL as a short form of “as hell”.


  • POV – Another term that’s not exclusive to the internet. POV stands for point of view and it’s used on TikTok to imitate or impersonate someone. “POV: You’re the main character.”

The chicken was so gross by this take🥴 (@zoeholtzman) #POV #livestream

♬ original sound – StinkyRat

  • BMS – short for “Broke My Scale.” The scale here is not a weight scale. It basically means someone is so good-looking that they broke their scale of attractiveness.
  • DNI “Do Not Interact” stops underage people from interacting with adult content on TikTok and is sometimes used as a trigger warning as well.

Rt, NSFR, and AS

  • Rt – If you’re a Twitter person, this needs no introduction. Rt stands for Retweet on TikTok too. But it basically refers to sharing and reposting content that you like.
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  • NSFR – similar to NSFW or Not Safe For Work, but in Ramadan’s context. This is used to warn Muslims about content that is potentially against their Ramadan beliefs.
  • AS – AS refers to “Adult Swim” which is Cartoon Network’s adult-oriented late-night block of cartoons like Rick and Morty and Family Guy. TikTokers make their own AS bumpers.

Realities from Cargo. #TubiTaughtMe #iCarlyAffirmation #adultswim #adultswimchallenge #vibewithus #aviation

♬ Running Away VANO3000 cltvip – Stephen

Certainly, Gen Z keeps reinventing internet slang as each platform evolves over time. It’s hard to keep track and easy to get lost in this world of changing lingo. What is your go-to TikTok acronym for 2022? 

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