What is the price of the Lion Coins?
What is the price of the Lion Coins? (Image via TikTok)

TikTok has developed several revenue-generating strategies in the short time it has existed as a platform. It can provide opportunities for monetary income, which isn’t always reliant on the app or its advertisers. Users of the app can now receive monetary gifts from their followers directly through TikTok Live, and the value of these presents might vary greatly. So, what are the TikTok Lions, and how much are they worth?

On TikTok, finding live videos is simple enough. Some live feeds appear while you’re watching videos. TikTok Live gifting is a wonderful way to interact with your favorite creators, but if you want to send someone the well-known Lion gift, be ready to shell out a lot of cash.

Some users spend a lot of money on buying pricey virtual presents for their favorite TikTok Live personalities, even though most users would never consider paying so much on a TikTok gift. And one such costly gift includes the Lions gift.

TikTok Lion Gift: Price, availability, use and other details

Users of TikTok can donate in the form of gifts, including items like the Lion, ice cream, TikTok Galaxy, and more, to their favorite content creators. As the app expands, more luxury items that cost more than the Lion will undoubtedly be added. Perhaps the next ridiculously expensive implementation will be a flying T-Rex that fires fireballs.

So, what is the price of the trending Lion Gift on TikTok? Here is all you need to know.

What is Lion Gift?

The Lion coins are very expensive
The Lion coins are very expensive (Image via TikTok)

The Lion is one of the most sought-after TikTok Live presents. The TikTok Live video “Sending the Lion” has a virtual lion approaching the screen and roaring at the creators and viewers. This is probably one of the best TikTok application gifts you can give someone.

How much does the Lion cost?

Many of the other gifts on the TikTok app are very cheap. And the Lion is one of the most expensive gifts you can send individuals. You will know that someone has made a sizable donation if you see the Lion in a live stream that you are watching or hosting. The moment the Lion appears on screen and roars, the creator is almost certain to notice and react.

  • The price of the Lion Gift is 29,999 Coins on TikTok. This can be roughly translated to $404.97 in USD. You can also convert it to £332.50 in GBP, or  €376.79 in Euro.

Users will now be aware of how much money has been spent when they see a Lion gift on TikTok Live. And that, folks, is the reason why creators do seem surprised whenever they receive one.

How to buy the expensive Lion Gift?


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Users must purchase coins with real money before they may spend 29,999 TikTok coins on a Lion.

  • To do this, launch the app and select Profile from the bottom menu.
  • Navigate to the upper right side, click Settings and privacy. From there, select Balance. It redirects you to the coin bundles after clicking Recharge.
  • Beginning at $0.99, the least expensive bundle goes up to $249.99 for the most expensive. The cost of one coin on the app is the same, roughly 1.5 cents, regardless of the bundle picked. If you wish, you can also customize other coin amounts.
  • Once a package has been chosen, adhere to the on-screen steps to finish the Play Store or App Store purchase. Then, you’re good to go and gift the Lion to any of your favorite creators once they go live on TikTok!

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