TikTok: What does the Beige Flag mean?

Particularly in the area of relationships, TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms for trend-setting and trend-spotting. From challenges and concepts like #DatingStoryTime to counting the five stages of a relationship, the short-video platform always manages to figure out what’s popular and what’s not. This time, the Beige flag is among the most recent relationship trends to appear on TikTok.

Let’s forget about the red and green flags for now because TikTok’s Beige Flag is in. People are now discussing their partners’ and their own beige flags instead of focusing on the obvious red or green flags. Many people call the TikTok phrase the newest form of a dating term we should be wary of. So, what exactly is a beige flag? And how to use the word in a conversation? 

What do you mean by Beige Flag?

TikTok users are now revealing their partner's beige flags
TikTok users are now revealing their partner’s beige flags (TikTok / @ruby.du / @sam_the_snack)

Dating apps were the ones that first made the phrase “beige flag” well-known. It described those who hadn’t put enough effort into their profiles or came across as terribly uninteresting. Currently, people on TikTok started to use it.

  • According to Urban Dictionary, beige flags are frequently bland or incredibly clichéd things many individuals include in their online dating profiles. This featured pictures of people holding little dogs or generic interests like “going to the gym” or profiles with a basic selection of photos resembling the norm of a single individual.

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  • On TikTok, beige flags can be interpreted as subtle reminders rather than strong alerts. They are the less severe cousins of red flags but some says, it also lands on a weirder part of green flags. It serves as a cautionary tale without necessarily “calling out” the individual. They enable partners to communicate openly and comprehend one another, which fosters a greater appreciation of each other’s peculiarities and originality.

The subtlety of beige flags is what makes them beautiful. One person’s beige flag might not raise the alarm for another. Beige flags are circumstances that give a hint and let you think but aren’t serious enough to end the relationship.


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  • The Beige Flag meaning still differs from one person to another. While others mark it as nearly a red flag, some laid it in between between the green and red. It’s crucial to remember that beige flags shouldn’t be entirely disregarded. Even while they might not be signs of serious problems, they can nonetheless give you helpful information about your partner’s personality.
  • The secret is to find a way to embrace their individuality while also keeping an eye out for any potential escalation of unsettling behavior.

The Origin: Who started the Beige Flag?

Since Caitlin MacPhail introduced the idea on her profile, the phrase has become more well-known on TikTok. MacPhail, who now calls herself the “CEO of beige flags” and asserts to have created the term, named some of them from 2022 in her TikTok videos.


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Beige flags, rather than being overtly unpleasant, are subtly flagging someone as being a little on the basic side, according to MacPhail. You can consider it a hint that they might be a little boring.

MacPhail provided a few examples of beige flags in dating profiles in her video. Among them are referencing popular sitcoms or programs, expressing an opinion about pineapple on pizza, and admitting to having a thing for Excel spreadsheets.

According to online dating expert Max Alley, it’s these extremely specific peculiarities that fall into the categories of amusing, quirky, and unusual without necessarily being good or negative.

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