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Today’s Quordle: Answers and hints (March 17, Friday)

Quordle Answers Today
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The new word game Quordle is built on the principle of Wordle, but with a difference. Four five-letter words must be guessed simultaneously in Quordle rather than one. Let’s go over today’s March 17 Quordle hints, clues, and answers!

It will take you nine attempts to identify all four five-letter words, with each incorrect answer displaying in all four fields. Quordle has left gamers overwhelmed after attempting to solve the daily puzzle, so we don’t blame you for wanting to get some clues!

March 17 Quordle  Clues and Hints:

  • 1ST WORD:
    materials, supplies, or equipment used in various activities: such as
  • 2ND WORD:
    a first appearance
  • 3RD WORD:
    strength or energy exerted or brought to bear : cause of motion or change : active power
  • 4TH WORD:
      the basic monetary unit of India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles, and Sri Lanka

How to Play Quordle

  • If you visit the official website, you may play Quordle for free! You must correctly guess the words in 9 attempts or less.
  • A five-letter word must be used for each guess, and the color of the tiles will indicate your success or failure in guessing the correct word(s).
  • In Quordle, green letters denote the exact placement of a letter. Yellow letters mean that the letter is correct but should be in a different position.


  • Narrow Down – In your first guess, use 5 letter words with different letters and avoid repetition. The goal is to narrow down your choices. Do not use X, Q, or Z for the first Guess. Rather, use common letters such as S or T and vowels A, E, I, O, and U.
  • Cover Bases – Try to cover as many letters as possible in 1st and 2nd try. Use all the vowels!
  • Prioritize – Select which box will you focus on but you can change priorities if the situation arises.
  • Do Not Re-use Gray letters – Unlike Wordle, you are solving multiple boxes. Make sure to not use Gray-ed letters for that specific box.
  • Double Letters – Double letters are possible which might also be confusing and generally a waste of turns for turn 1 to 4/earlier tries. Use them wisely.
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When Does Quordle Restart?

  • A new set of Quordle will be available every day at midnight local time!
  • After completing a challenge, a box displaying the results will emerge. Copy your statistics to the clipboard by using the green share button.
  • You may reopen the popup by tapping the statistics button at the top of the page if you mistakenly closed it. Alternatively, you may also copy and paste your results by using CTRL+V once you’ve tapped the share button.

March 17, Quordle Answers:

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