Today’s Wordle 455: Answer, Hints, Clues (September 17, Saturday)

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Having trouble solving today’s Wordle? Just relax, we’ve got your back! You’ll find clues and hints down below to help you solve it! 😊 Let’s take a look at today’s September 17 Wordle 455 hints, clues, and answer.

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To no one’s surprise, it’s now featured on The New York Times website, where it’s enjoyed unprecedented success since its seven-figure acquisition earlier this year.

In October of 2021, there were just 90 people actively playing the basic puzzle game when it was released. It now has over a million daily visits and shows no signs of slowing down.

The finest Wordle wizards are extremely clever, so you’ll need to be as well. Using just a few rows and green tiles is the best way to make an impression on social media.

September 17, Wordle 455 Clues / Hints and Answer Today

  • a sloping channel or slide for conveying things to a lower level.
  • It has 2 vowels: 3rd and 5th letter
  • Scroll down for the answer!
Given Wordle’s sudden rise in popularity, there’s certain to be some stiff competition when it comes to completing daily puzzles. Everyone has a distinct beginning phrase, a different strategy, and a different way of playing the game.

Wordle Game History

Wordle started as a “couple’s game” which eventually turned into a craze in Wardle’s family messaging app group. Released to the public in October 2021, the game eventually picked up 300,000 players by the 2nd of January 2022.

In February 2022, Wardle posted on his Twitter account saying that the game was sold to The New York Times (NYT). In his post, it was mentioned that while he is overjoyed and grateful for the support, it all became overwhelming. The game was reportedly sold for more than $1M or in the “low 7-digit figure”.

How To Play Wordle

Wordle is a word guessing game where you guess 5-letter words with 6 tries. Here is how you play the game.

  • Go to Wordle Unlimited
  • Type any 5-letter word to get hints or clues, and press Enter.
  • After you type, color indicators/hints/clues will appear.
    • Green/Blue(other devices) means the letter is in the right spot.
    • Yellow/Brown(other devices) means the letter is in the wrong spot but included in the word.
    • Gray is not included in the word.
  • After finally guessing the word, the results can be shared with social media buddies /frenemies. Please note that the saved data of Wordle is based on your local data. If you clear your history/cookies, the stats will reset, just like when you play the game in browser incognito mode.

Why is Wordle so popular? 🤔

  • Wordle’s social feature, together with its user-friendly design, simple concept, and short playing duration, may have been what gained so much interest.
  • Sharing the game on Twitter or other social media platforms without affecting the response of other players is easy because of the game’s ease of access, which makes it easy for Wordle aficionados to bring their friends and family into the fold.

In addition, Wordle has attracted a thriving online community of players who share their answers, utilize bots to make the game more efficient, and offer tactical advice to those who want to outdo their buddies.

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Today’s September 17, Wordle 455 Answer: CHUTE

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