Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 is nearly here. And fans seem to be quite intrigued by passing by a few of the previous episodes of the show. There are many reasons why Attack on Titan episodes are considered so great, and it’s not hard to see why. If you would like to give it a try, here’s the perfect list of the Top 10 Best Episodes of Attack on Titan.

The show’s themes of humanity, survival and the price of freedom resonate with viewers on a deep level. It’s no wonder why the series has become a global phenomenon, and why fans can’t get enough of it.

10. Episode 37: Scream

Top 10 Best Episodes of Attack On Titan
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Episode 37 of Attack on Titan, titled Scream, is a highly emotional and impactful episode that explores the true nature of the Titans and the depths of human despair.

As Eren comes to terms with this new knowledge, he unleashes a powerful scream that awakens memories of the past. Which also sets the stage for the next phase of the story.

9. Episode 38: Smoke Signal

Top 10 Best Episodes of Attack On Titan
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In episode 38 of Attack on Titan, Smoke Signal, the story takes a more contemplative turn as the characters reflect on the consequences of the battle in Shiganshina.

The episode explores the aftermath of the conflict and the emotional toll it has taken on the characters. The episode also introduces a new threat in the form of Zeke. A mysterious and powerful figure who holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the Titans

8. Episode 45: Outside the Walls of Orvud District

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 best moments
Image Courtesy of Aot Official Fandom

This episode is a thrilling and action-packed rollercoaster that sees the Survey Corps face off against the fearsome Beast Titan. As the Titans breach the walls of Orvud District, the Survey Corps must work quickly to evacuate the civilians and prepare for battle.

The animation and cinematography are particularly impressive, with sweeping shots of the battlefield and stunning action sequences.

7. Episode 48: Bystander

In our list of Top 10 Best Episodes of Attack on Titan, at no. 8 we have an epic Bystander episode. This episode focuses on the aftermath of the battle in Orvud District, as the Survey Corps come to terms with the loss of their comrades.

The episode also introduces new conflicts and tensions between the characters, particularly between Eren and Historia.

6. Episode 49: Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall


This episode is packed with scenes of the Survey Corps launching a daring mission to retake Wall Maria from the Titans. As the soldiers fight their way through the Titan-infested territory and face off against the fearsome Colossus and Armored Titans.

Night of the Battle to Retake the Wal” is a standout episode that showcases the best of what Attack on Titan has to offer in terms of action and spectacle.

5. Episode 50: The Town Where Everything Began

This episode marks a major turning point in the series as the Survey Corps finally confront the true mastermind behind the Titans. Yes, it is this episode where we are introduced to Zeke, the half-brother of Eren.

The episode is filled with shocking twists and revelations, as the characters come to grips with the truth of their situation and the looming threat.

4. Episode 51: Thunder Spear

Best moments of attack on titan
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Thunder Spear is a tense episode where we get to see the Survey Corps launch a desperate plan to take down the Colossus Titan and save humanity. As the soldiers even risk their lives to deploy explosive thunder spears that can penetrate the Titan’s armor.

This was where fans started realizing what a masterpiece of a show Hajime Isayama has created.

3. Episode 53: Perfect Game

Perfect Game is where we get to see the Survey Corps face off against the full might of the Marleyan military. The animation and cinematography are particularly impressive.

This episode showcases the brutal reality of war and the sacrifices that must be made for the sake of survival.

2. Episode 57: That Day

in which episode is grisha introduced
Image Courtesy of AoT Official Fandom

That Day is a riveting and emotionally charged episode that delves deep into the backstory of Grisha Jaeger, Eren’s father. Grisha finally uncovers the truth about the world outside and becomes embroiled in a rebellion against the ruling authorities.

This episode stands out the most as it sheds new light on the series’ central mysteries.

1. Episode 54: Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall

In our list of Top 10 Best Episodes of Attack on Titan, at no. 1 we have the all-mighty Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall. The Scouts enjoy a feast before retaking Wall Maria. They’ll soon uncover what’s hidden within the basement, once and for all.


That’s it for now. This was our list of the Top 10 Best Episodes of Attack on Titan. Of course, there are many other great episodes in the series, and the ranking and opinions can vary depending on individual preferences.

Let us know which one is your favorite episode, in the comments down below!

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