Gifts for gamers this christmasGifts for gamers this Christmas
Gifts for gamers this Christmas

I know the holiday season is here, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just a few days away. All kinds of happy chemicals start dancing in my head when I hear the word ‘Holidays’; our minds get flooded by gifts, snow, and everyone’s favorite jolly friend Santa. It’s so mesmerizing to see those happy faces gleaming with joy… I wish every day could be a holiday. If you or someone you know is a gamer, sit back and relax! We are here to help you choose the best gift you can get for them this Christmas.

  • Choosing presents for gamers is a piece of cake, only if you know where to search for what. Let us make that challenging task more manageable. It would be better if you could grab a gift now and wait for Christmas. Gaming presents tend to get “sold out” in the blink of an eye.
  • We are here to make things easier for you if you don’t know what to give a gamer. If you know what games they play, that would be more than enough to choose the best gift. Without further delay, let’s get them a jaw-dropping gift.

10 best gifts to give gamers this Christmas

1. TV LED lights

Tv led lights
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Despite its size, this can make a colossal difference to the overall look of one’s gaming setup. Once you fit these lights behind a TV or PC monitor, the experience will get more wondrous and satisfying. When you play a game with LED LIGHTS in a dark room, it seems like the entire room got a facelift. Remember to record the big grin it will bring to the face of your loved one! This might be a unique gift for people into games and, indeed, one of the best gifts for Christmas. 

2. Gaming chair

Best gift for gamers this Christmas
Image courtesy of Ubuy and Amazon

You can always gift a gaming chair if your mind runs out of ideas. Not only will the gamer love it, but you also won’t be breaking the bank with this one. It seems like we killed two birds with one stone. If you want to add some magic here and there, you can get them a customized chair. Find a store near you, and get the work done.

  • Looking at gaming from the prism of comfort can be exhausting and make you feel exhausted. While it might seem like an unpretentious gift, it will neither disappoint you nor the receiver. A gaming chair is undoubtedly a comfy Christmas gift.

3. A wireless gaming headset

Christmas gift for gamers
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To add more stars to the gaming experience of your sweetheart, a sturdy and arresting headset is all you need. Make sure you get them a headset in their favorite color. You would not want to see their face get all sad if you pick a color they don’t prefer! Gamers can put this headset to use, not only during gaming hours but during their downtime, too. It can also be gifted to non-gamers this Christmas if you can’t think of any gift. A headset is an excellent present for any occasion, honestly.

4. A wireless controller

Wireless game controller
Image courtesy of 91 mobiles

Decked in a custom skin of their favorite game or an awesome pattern, a wireless controller will work wonders. Once you get them a stunning controller with their favorite something embedded in it, we guarantee your gamer friend/loved one will thank you for months to come.

5. Customized wall stickers

Sticker for gamers
Image courtesy of Ten stickers

If you want something your loved one can use to spruce up their setup, you can get them life-size wall stickers. You can even get their photos converted to wall stickers if you wish. You can also get them a life-size wall sticker of their favorite video game characters to accompany their photographs. That way, they can put these up side by side and use them as motivation to get nothing but dubs in their games. Again, an economical choice. The ball is in your court now. Unique, arresting, and low-price gift, what more do you want?

6. Gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboard
Image courtesy of Amazon

The keyboard craze is on the rise. Keyboards that look stunning and allow you to take your game a level higher are available at a reasonable price. It seems that nowadays, anything can be customized – even keyboards! Use this to your advantage and let your gamer loved one/friend unleash their skills in style with a gaming keyboard.

7. Powerful Gaming Router

Gift for gamers, this christmas
Image courtesy of Asus

What could be a better gift for a gamer than a gaming router that could give them the best speed? Give them an advantage over other players and avoid lag altogether with a gaming router! Gamers tend to have speedy hands that can go faster than their internet speed. So, giving them something that can match their pace and help them avoid going AFK in the middle of a tense game is better.

8. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light filter glasses for hardcore gamers
Image courtesy of Eye my eye

An exceedingly healthy choice, blue light filter glasses can be a life savior for a person into games. If you have a gamer in your house or relation, you better gift them glasses that can guard their eyes. Using these, they can play their favorite games for a long time without stressing out their eyes. Trust us when we say that staring at the screen for hours at a stretch can be more than exhausting.

9. Battle Pass/Membership

royal pass to gamers this christmas
Image courtesy of Cashify

If the gamer you know already has most of the items we have listed so far, there is also another thing you can get them. However, this gift will be digital, so be there with them when you give it! Sometimes, it hurts when almost every player has a premium pass, and your gamer friend doesn’t. Get them a pass, and they would be delighted beyond explanation to have it. Maybe throw in a few in-game currency along with the pass so they could get something nice for themselves, no?

10. Xbox

Image courtesy of Somos Xbox

I am going straight on this. If you can, you should buy your gamer friend/cousin/kid, whoever it is, an Xbox. The videos you see on social media where a person opens their present, finds an Xbox and then jumps like they won an Olympic medal are true. Even the person watching the video is amazed to see the reaction. Make sure to do all the arrangements and set up a camera to record the whole incident, because you and the person receiving the gift will surely cry. An Xbox is undoubtedly the best gift any gamer could ever receive.

Besides these presents, your love and support would be the best gift any person could ever get, don’t forget to give that.

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Holidays are about to begin. Grab your loved ones a few gifts, and don’t forget to give some gifts to those whose financial condition does not allow them to.

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