Ranking the Best Male Dancers in K-pop Who Takes the Crown?

Get ready to bust a move and groove to the beat because we’re about to dive into the world of dancing! Let’s try to find out who the K-pop best male dancers are. In K-pop, dance is more than just a way to entertain fans – it’s a fundamental part of the art form. K-pop idols spend countless hours perfecting their choreography, and some even specialize in dance as their main skill. But who among the talented pool of male idols stands out as the ultimate dance king?

In this list, we’ll be focusing on male idols in groups. Taking into consideration their technical skill, stage presence, and overall performance. From iconic boy bands to rising stars, we’ll explore the world of K-pop dance and see who reigns supreme as the ultimate male dancing machine. So get ready to be amazed and inspired by the incredible talent and dedication of these K-pop idols!

1) Taemin

Get ready to have your mind blown and your feet tapping because we have a winner, and it’s none other than the legendary Taemin of SHINee!

  • If you’re new to the world of K-pop, let us fill you in on this superstar. SHINEE debuted in 2008 under the renowned agency SM Entertainment, and they quickly gained a reputation for their incredible vocals and electrifying dance performances. And at the forefront of it all was Taemin, who has consistently proven himself to be one of the best male dancers in the game.
  • It’s no wonder Taemin takes the top spot on our list. As the main dancer of SHINee, he has wowed fans with his incredible skill and stage presence since he was just 14 years old. His hard work and dedication to his craft have paid off in spades, and he has become known for his ability to control his body with unmatched precision and flexibility.
  • But it’s not just his technical abilities that set him apart – Taemin has a way of expressing emotion through his movements that are truly awe-inspiring. Just watch his performance of “Criminal,” and you’ll see what we mean. Whether he’s tackling a difficult choreography or freestyling, Taemin is a force to be reckoned with and a true king of K-pop dance.
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2) Ten

When it comes to male dancers in the K-pop industry, it’s hard to overlook NCT’s Ten. Despite not always being included in the lists of best K-pop male dancers, this Thai-born idol has proven time and time again that he has the talent and skills to be considered one of the top dancers in the industry.


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♬ Birthday – TEN

  • Ten’s incredible body control is simply out of this world, and it seems that every time he takes the stage, he only gets better and better. His flexibility is unparalleled, and his technique is nothing short of impressive. He has a way of seamlessly blending different dance styles, making him a true force to be reckoned with.
  • But what really sets Ten apart is his passion and dedication to his craft. He’s constantly pushing himself to improve, and it shows in his performances. With just five or six years in the K-pop industry, he has already made a name for himself as one of the most skilled and dynamic dancers out there.
  • It’s not surprising that some fans are even debating whether to place him in second or first place, alongside the legendary Taemin. While Ten still has a few more years to go before he reaches Taemin’s level of experience, there’s no doubt that he’s well on his way to becoming a true icon in the K-pop world.

So next time you’re looking for a K-pop male dancer to add to your list of favorites, don’t forget to give Ten a well-deserved spot. You never know, he just might end up topping the charts in the near future.

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3-4) j-hope and Jimin

When it comes to K-pop male dancers, it’s impossible not to mention BTS members J-Hope and Jimin. Both idols have proven time and time again that they have the talent and skills to captivate audiences with their performances.


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♬ Run BTS – BTS

  • J-Hope started his dancing journey with street dancing, and you can see that influence in his style. His body control is simply outstanding, and he has a way of making even the most difficult moves look effortless. He’s a powerful and unique dancer who can easily switch between freestyle and choreographed performances. You can just tell that he loves to dance, as he fully expresses himself with every move.
  • Jimin, on the other hand, attended a classical dance academy, and it shows in his graceful movements. He’s often referred to as one of the most beautiful dancers in the K-pop industry, and for good reason. He’s a master at interpreting songs and expressing them through his body, making you feel every emotion he’s trying to convey. When it comes to contemporary dance, Jimin simply slays. He’s able to seamlessly transition from slow, gentle movements to more hard-hitting, intense choreography.

  • It’s no surprise that both J-Hope and Jimin have tied for third place on this list of best K-pop male dancers. They each bring their own unique strengths to the table, and watching them perform is truly a treat for the eyes. Whether it’s J-Hope’s fluidity and facial expressions or Jimin’s grace and emotion, there’s no denying that these two idols are some of the best dancers in the industry.
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5) Kai

Last but definitely not least, we have to talk about one of SM Entertainment’s legendary dancers, EXO’s Kai. It’s no secret that Kai has earned a reputation as one of the top soloists of the third generation, and it’s not hard to see why.

  • Kai’s performances are simply mesmerizing. From his red suit in EXO’s “Love Shot” to his solo releases like “Mmmh,” “Peaches,” and “Rover,” he oozes sexiness and facial expressions that leave fans in awe. He’s a technical and emotional dancer who clearly loves what he does, and it shows in every move he makes.
  • But what really sets Kai apart is how music and dance seem to flow through his body, creating a truly captivating performance every time. In fact, it’s safe to say that Kai is the sexiest dancer in K-pop, and most fans would agree! Whether he’s performing with EXO or on his own, Kai never fails to impress with his smooth moves and undeniable charisma.

While we had to put Kai in fifth place on this list, it’s only because of the tough competition among K-pop’s best male dancers. However, there’s no denying that he’s earned his spot as one of the industry’s most talented and beloved idols.

K-pop’ Best Male Dancer: Runners-up

We wouldn’t end this list without any runners-up. K-pop idols have so many talented dancers that making this list took us a lot of time to craft. And while you’re here, feel free to drop your favorite and best male dancer in K-pop!

K-pop best male dancer, runner-ups
Image Courtesy via Instagram (@p_rocky, @ho5hi_kwon, @yawnzzn, @realstraykids, @enhypen)

Going back to our runners-up, you should check their performances too! It was difficult not to place them in the top 5 list, so might as well add this runner-up list for the best male dancer in K-pop crown.

  • Park Minhyuk / ROCKY of ASTRO
  • Kwon Soonyoung / HOSHI of SEVENTEEN
  • Choi Yeonjun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)
  • Lee Minho / Lee Know of STRAY KIDS
  • Nishimura Riki / Ni-ki of ENHYPEN
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