Until January 18, 2023, the PlayStation store holiday store is still ongoing. Several deals are available that you should get now because they may no longer be at a discount for some time. We have a variety of genres, with some surprising new releases and established titles. Here’s what you need to buy while there’s still a week left on the sale.

Need for Speed Unbound (40% Off PlayStation 5)

NFS Unbound is a drastic change from the old NFS style, featuring cell-shaded graphics you would expect from a Riot Games title. Unfortunately, one thing limiting its potential is the lack of marketing for the game. With that said, players who’ve said it’s one of the better Need for Speed titles to release. It indicates a positive future direction (provided it gets enough sales). Get it if you desire a racing game or an alternative to Gran Turismo.

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NBA 2K23 (50% Off)

The NBA 2K franchise has flaws, but it’s still the best franchise with a license to the NBA. You’ll only see minor improvements from each edition, though what you want is the ongoing roster updates throughout the season. There are also a lot of fun online, single-player, and multiplayer game modes, best for those who want to play with friends. With that said, you aren’t getting a better deal until 2K24 comes around.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (58% Off)

Ratchet & Clank has always been the ideal franchise for consistency. They continue to make innovative platforming games that keep it fun while engaging you with an overarching story. Many fans believe that Rift Apart is the best entry from the series yet, and you have to try it while it’s on sale. It’s a great family title that can appeal to kids and adults.

Grand Theft Auto V (67% Off)

While we await Grand Theft Auto VI, we still have much to enjoy with V. Aside from the story mode, the appeal of buying V is the ability to go online and play. Try to cause chaos in the numerous Rockstar servers available. Another alternative is to try a roleplaying server that has become highly popular in recent years. You could also place some mods and transform your GTA into a funny meme machine.

Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales (43% Off PlayStation 5)

The Miles Morales game focuses on the titular character and set after the events of the PS4’s Spider-Man. You’ll help Miles as he gets a better grasp of his powers while saving New York City from a threat while Peter is away. The game features everything you love about the original game, with a fun cast of characters and an immersive story. It also helps that this will continue into 2023’s Spider-Man 2, with both spiders becoming playable main characters.

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