This year, games have been really popular. It rose further to fame with the help of technology. Gaming technology is amazing, it has brought us games such as RPGs, slot games, and many others.

2020 has been tough due to a pandemic. With that, people had been forced to stay indoors. Gladly, many games rose to popularity as it helped people stay entertained. With both online and offline games, people enjoyed their vacant time by immersing themselves in some new world with thrilling adventures.

With that, let us take a quick look at the exciting games which became undeniable hits this year!


Among Us

By: InnerSloth
Platform: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

This game rose to fame this year even if it was originally released in 2018. Unlike other games which are best known for their HD graphics, Among Us isn’t. In fact, this game proved that basic graphics, plain movements, and the fast gameplay will be enough to have some players really hooked.

Lots of players tried this game and eventually fell in love with it quite instantly. With regard to its gameplay, a group of four to ten people is tasked to stay in the same room to accomplish some tasks. However, it turns out that one (or three) of them happen to be impostors who aim to kill all the crewmates. With that, the main goal of the crewmates is to finish their goals or name the impostor. Meanwhile, the main goal of the impostors is to kill the crewmates without getting caught.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

By: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth installment of the Animal Crossing game series. Released in March 2020, players of the game are introduced to a charming sandbox world that allows them to build things. Somehow similar to Minecraft, players of the game are also allowed to interact with other players and explore their lands.

The game managed to have five million players in just a month, thus creating more online friendships along with the other creative stuff. Aside from its charming graphics and fun gameplay, people had also learned to use the game to hold some virtual protests, parties, and the like.


Call of Duty: Warzone

By: Activision
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

This game is a continuation of Modern Warfare in the Call of Duty game series. Here, players will enjoy intense action along with millions of other active players from the rest of the world.

Unlike the other games in the franchise, this installment hosts a 150-player battle royale. Explaining it further, players are taken into a certain warzone after being dropped from parachutes. Working as a first-person shooter (FPS) type of game, players are required to loot items and shoot other players in hopes of being the lone survivor in a shrinking play area.

In this game, players may play solo, by pair, by threes, or by fours. Still, the main goal still remains to be the same unlike the other parts of the series which tend to focus on certain storylines.

2K Games

NBA 2K20

By: 2K Sports
Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

For sports fans, NBA 2K20 might have been the most popular game. Prior to the resumption of the 2020 season, the athletes even took their time to play virtually against one another as they, too, were prohibited from playing outside. Indeed, more players had been drawn closer to the game more than how they actually were.

Prior to the virus outbreak, people already loved the game after its release in 2019 due to its realistic graphics. Also, it had additional features that made it more special and enjoyable compared to the 2K19 version. Back in January, fans had also been amazed as to how the game had an update to pay tribute to the late Kobe Bryant.

The Last of Us Part II Review
Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Last of Us Part II

By: Naughty Dog
Platform: PlayStation 4

Released in June 2020, The Last of Us’ sequel grew so much attention because of its impressive storyline, graphics, and cinematography. Still following the lives of Ellie and Joel, the two need to live in a community of pandemic survivors with an existing fear of those who are still infected.

Fans of the first part have indeed waited for this game to arrive because of the engaging story that the first one had. Its popularity is definitely undeniable as the game sold about 4 million copies in just four days upon its release.


Aside from the aforementioned, there are still lots of games that became so popular this year. Whether these games may have been on your top 5 games or not, we definitely wish that you had fun with the games that you have chosen to play.