Ubisoft Plus gaming subscription service - Explained + How to avail

With all the gaming subscription services, what’s your favorite and most used? If you’re still searching for a subscription service, then might as well take a look into the Ubisoft Plus. If you’re a fan of the Ubisoft titles, then this subscription should do the trick for you! Continue reading below and get to know all the explained details about the Ubisoft+ / Ubisoft Plus gaming subscription service. How to avail of Ubisoft+? Read below for a guide too!

Ubisoft Plus subscription service

Ubisoft’s gaming plan launched way back in September 2019. Initially, the main difference between Ubisoft’s service from Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and such — you can only access and play all Ubisoft titles. So Ubisoft big fans, this service should be the perfect subscription for you.

  • Moreover, just last year, Ubisoft confirmed that the Plus is coming to PlayStation and Xbox in the future. Yup, you read that right, the gaming subscription service can be enjoyed by the two biggest gaming companies.

  • On the other hand, in an announcement late last year as well, Stadia shuts down, and Ubisoft Plus should be available on the cloud gaming service until January 18, 2023, only. This leaves Luna as the only cloud gaming service to offer access to Ubisoft Plus.

What games does the service offer?

As we have mentioned above, all Ubisoft titles should be playable when subscribed to the plan. Big titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy, Far Cry, and more.

  • Ubisoft continues to expand its library with more than 100 games available. Hmm, pretty sure just like the other game services, they’d be removing some titles and adding a few more, maybe soon.
Ubisoft Plus gaming subscription, game library
Image Courtesy of Ubisoft
  • Cross-progression is enabled as well. So if you have the multiplatform plan, then you can enjoy playing on PC, then change to Stadia or Luna to continue the game. Ubisoft Connect made this cross-progression possible!

Ubisoft+ on PlayStation and Xbox

Last year, Ubisoft’s gaming subscription already came to the PlayStation platform. Ubisoft and PlayStation revealed Ubisoft+ Classics subscription. This plan is made for PlayStation Plus which includes Ubisoft’s popular releases including the recently dropped Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

  • This Ubisoft+ Classics catalog released 27 games on its launch. It consists of games like The Division, For Honor, Child of Light, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Watch Dogs, Werewolves Within, and more.
Ubisoft Plus, ubisoft+
Photo Courtesy of Ubisoft
  • Just this January 5, 2023, Ubisoft announced that the Plus comes to the Xbox consoles “in the future”. To start up the collaboration though, the upcoming game, Rainbow Six Extraction would launch on the Xbox Game Pass for players to play on the Xbox consoles. Catch the game’s release on January 20th!

Ubisoft+ Plans and how to avail

Now we’ve come to the part where you’ll decide whether you’ll purchase the subscription or not. Here are all the subscription plans and how to avail of them (if you plan to!). All games can be accessed right away after buying the gaming subscription.

  • PC Access Plan: This basic plan costs $14.99 per month. This subscription includes all the library games, newly added games, and downloadable content. This plan is only available for play on a PC system.
  • Multi-Access Plan: For $17.99 per month, this plan offers Stadia support. You can play the entire library of games and in addition, you can play them over cloud gaming.
Ubisoft gaming subscription service, plans
Image Courtesy of Ubisoft
  • You can avail of the gaming service when you head to the Ubisoft Plus website. Make sure you have a Ubisoft Connect account to log in first. You can easily navigate through the Ubisoft Plus website to avail of the subscription.
    • Credit cards and PayPal (if this option is available in your country) are the methods you can use to pay. Moreover, the first payment should be deducted on the same day of purchase and would recur on the same day each month.
    • Unsubscribing can be done anytime during your subscription period. If ever, you may change the payment method on the My Subscription tab of the Ubisoft Store.

Are you ready to play using the Ubisoft+ / Ubisoft Plus gaming subscription service? We can’t wait when it becomes available on Xbox!

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