Ultra League Season 8 Tier List (Pokemon Go)

This week in Pokémon GO, the eighth season of the GO Battle League enters its first Ultra League and Premier Cup phase. By increasing the CP cap from 1500 to 2500, you can expand your team’s selections and acknowledge new tier lists when putting together a set of three. However, in order to be truly successful, you must first determine which Pokémon are best suited for these new leagues!

Best Ultra League Tier List

Abomasnow Nidoqueen (Shadow) Talonflame Alolan Ninetales
Cresselia Articuno Registeel Galarian Stunfisk
Altered Giratina Swampert Drifblim Lapras
Steelix Mandibuzz Meganium Scrafty
Armored Mewtwo Zapdos (Shadow) Charizard Clefable
Forrestress Drapion (Shadow) Potiloed (Shadow) Umbreon
Suicune Skarmory Flygon Ho-Oh
Gliscor (Shadow) Regirock Primeape Likilicky
Alolan Muk Venusaur Gyarados Snorlax
Hypno Obstagoon Lucario Lugia

Switch Ultra League Tier List

Zangoose Cresselia Mew Abomasnow (Shadow)
Politoed Registeel Swampert Suicune (Shadow
Umbreon Ninetales (Alolan) Snorlax (Shadow) Nidoqueen (Shadow)
Drifblim Lapras Muk (Shadow) Skuntank
Genesect (Burn) Magnezone (Shadow) Dragalge Drapion
Machamp Meganium Pelipper Regice
Steelix Crustle Clefable Excadrill
Gengar Hypno Lugia Roserade
Poliwrath (Shadow) Scizor (Shadow) Crobat (Shadow) Aromatisse
Milotic Seaking Talonflame Tangrowth

Closer Ultra League Tier List

Cresselia Galarian Stunfisk Ho-Oh Lugia
Regice Regirock Registeel Steelix
Muk (Alolan) Blastoise Heracross Hitmontop
Venusaur (Shadow) Talonflame Swampert Skarmory
Umbreon Typhlosion Sirfetch’d Armored Mewtwo
Ludicolo Hitmonchan Escavalier Alomomola
Banette Gengar Excadrill Lapras
Jellicent Kingdra Uxie Zapdos (Shadow)
Dragalge Lanturn Melmetal Muk (Shadow)
Poliwrath Serperior Snorlax Zekrom

Use Closer Pokémon when you have no other choice. Because it’s your last Pokémon, you’ll have to ensure it can hold on its own without the help of any shields or other members of your group.

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