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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a critically lauded spin-off of the franchise’s fourth installment. Despite being a more bite-sized version of the mainline series’ titles, Lost Legacy’s story is nonetheless chock-full of iconic franchise cliches that fans adore, such as heartbreaking betrayals and gut-busting jokes. Complex puzzles lie in the path of players who must solve them to progress to new places and chapters.

Shadow Puzzle Guide

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s Shadow Puzzle is an example of a complex task that leads players to new regions. Newcomers to the game will need to go all the way to Chapter 5. This is where Chloe Frazer and famed Uncharted 4 mercenary Nadine Ross approach a cavern with a series of highlighted cave drawings on the walls.

Players who are unfamiliar with The Lost Legacy’s story and gameplay may find it difficult to solve the luminous-based challenge. This is the game’s first puzzle requiring players to move objects to generate shadows and match paintings on walls. Having said that, the solution to the Shadow Puzzle is actually a lot simpler than it appears.

Image Courtesy of PS5Trophies
  • To summarize, Chloe Frazer, the moody yet charming protagonist, must line the shadows with the images on the walls in order to advance.
  • On the left, there are depictions of Shiva, the ax, and Parashurama. On the right, you can see Parashurama, Ganesh’s severed tusk, and Ganesh.
  • Chloe can twirl the metal puppets with the handles on the machine in the center of the room to alter the shadows. The big door obstructing the escape will now unlock once the shadows have masked the images.

You must solve the puzzle in at most 10 moves to receive the Shadow Theater trophy!

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