Genshin Impact: Valberry Location, Where To Find Guide

Valberry is a key ingredient in Genshin Impact’s food preparation. This article will reveal where you can obtain them the easiest!

The Valberry is a key component for character advancement. To fully level up characters, gamers will need to gather a large number of these!

Best Farm Route

  • You can find Valberries in one of two places. The first is located in Mondstadt’s northern part. Several Valberries are also located on the side close to the top.
  • Botanist Chloris, on the other hand, will be available to players. This is an NPC who will sell up to 5 Valberries for 1000 Mora.
  • You can find them while strolling around outside of Mondstadt. For the best results, combining both of these techniques is an excellent strategy to go.
  • After purchasing the item from Botanist Chloris, travel to North Mondstadt in search of them in the forest. It takes 49 hours (real-time) for them to sprout in the wild again, so come back in a few days and do it once more.

Valberry Use

  • Valberry is required to increase Noelle’s and Lisa’s Ranks. The Valberry isn’t too complicated to discover, aside from requiring a particular Adventure Rank.
  • It’s one of those materials that spawn in the world, but the game keeps track of how long it takes for them to reappear again. This is to discourage gamers from harvesting too many items at once.
  • Valberries will also be required for Rosaria, a fresh protagonist in the game.

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