Valheim received a new update on March 29. This article contains patch notes, changes, new features, bug fixes, and balances!

The game obtained a minor update to address some issues that were not addressed in the 0.148.6 update. Don’t forget to check your servers to take opportunity of the new Iron Gate game overhauls!

0.148.6 Patch Notes

  • Updated translations.
  • New SFX for walk-sneak footsteps for snow.
  • Updated music and sound glitch fix.
  • Updated credits.
  • Better time and grip of hammers, hoes, and cultivators (slightly reduced response time and smoother tail)

This patch isn’t as large as the one released last week, which made significant changes to the fire pit and hearth systems, making them more difficult to exploit for materials. You can’t harvest goods by lighting a fire around the gray dwarves while doing something else because you now have to manually repair fires to rekindle them.

Even if the 0.148.6 patch notes are brief and the update appears to be minor, keep in mind that the developers are working on a major content update called Hearth & Home. With the ability to add many more rooms to your home, construction will take center stage. However, no release date has been set. We’ll have to wait!

Home and Hearth Update?

The Home and Home expansion, the first major content update for Iron Gate, has begun to be teased. That update focuses on base construction, giving you more crafting resources and allowing you to customize your fortress. In addition to the current options of sleeping, sitting, or using the workbench, Iron Gate has stated that it wants to add more things to do inside your home.

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