The Abyssal Harpoon is one of those tools that helps you ward off pesky sea serpents without too much hullabaloo. Here’s how to make it:


  • Fine wood ×8
  • Leather scraps ×3
  • Chitin ×30
  • Level 4 workbench

How to get Chitin:

To find Chitin to need to find Abyssal Barnacles which are found on the backs Krakens. Krakens are island-like structures in ocean biomes. To find Abyssal Barnacles, you just need to journey across the oceans till you spot a Kraken. Then leave your boat, and try to find the Abyssal Barnacles which look like massive pimples. Once you find some, mine them, bring them back home and craft your handy Abyssal Harpoon.

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