Valheim Bridge

In Valheim, you can build your very own bridges. You can design these bridges and really work up your architectural skills. Although, to begin, you need a few tips and tricks on how to build bridges in Valheim. So, here’s the guide.

How To Build A Bridge in Valheim

First, scan the area. Find out where you want to build the bridge and then level out the ground on each side. Make sure you have a workbench on each side.

Now start off by putting down stairs where you want to build the bridge. Now, start laying down the floor. Make sure to add the pillars to support the bridge. Keep checking the tiles where it shows green.

Keep adding the pillars till they touch the ground. Keep doing it till you reach the other side of the river. If the water gets too deep, make stairs and platforms around the river to get proper angles and tile placements.

Pro Tip: Try not to build these bridges during the night. Build bridges during the day when you can see underneath the water very easily. This will help you place the pillars properly.

If my words are making no sense, you can watch this video –

You can also add walls, roof, fencing, and much more.

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