From gathering supplies to building shelters, using cheats, creating a new spawn point, and general everyday building tips and tricks, you’ll have no trouble surviving Valheim.

There’s a lot to learn in this sometimes brutal survival sandbox, whether you’re going it alone or with friends. When you first arrive, a helpful crow will give you some advice, but it may overlook important details, such as how to build a campfire inside your base without suffocating from smoke inhalation. Here are ten Valheim pointers to help you navigate the tenth Norse world.

Level your ground.

To make your life easier, level the ground with a hoe before you begin building. Always remember that the hoe will try to match the level of the ground you’re standing on. If you just want to smooth out the irregularities without changing the height, hold Shift before clicking.

Stacking Storage

In any survival game, efficiency is key, so players should make the most of their chests. Many players are unaware that they can stack chests in the game to make their storage take up significantly less space. Because inventories can quickly fill up, having a large number of chests readily available to store items makes the game run much more smoothly.

Destroy old shacks and gather wood as soon as possible.

You’ll come across small shacks in various states of disrepair as you explore. They’re a great source of easy-to-gather wood, and you’ll be gathering wood a lot in Valheim.

But don’t use a weapon to attack the huts! Instead, create a workbench with your crafting hammer, place it on the shack’s floor, and begin destroying the structure (middle-clicking the mouse while holding your hammer will destroy walls, floors, and roof pieces). Collect all of the free wood, then dismantle your bench and move on. don’t forget to take a look inside. Some have loot chests!

New Tiles

Existing tiles will snap onto new ones. If you make a mistake, use the hammer to destroy the tile you just laid down, and the resources will be returned to you.


You don’t have to build campfires and hearths on the ground; instead, you can build a foundation out of stone blocks, then demolish and replace them with wood floors. The fire isn’t going to go away any time soon.

Setting yourself on fire!

Maybe it’s just our own carelessness, but we frequently set ourselves on fire while standing in front of our campfires.

To give yourself a good visual reference for how close you can get, place a deer rug (4 deer hide) on the floor. If that doesn’t work, surround your fire with a 2m wood beam (2 wood) to keep you from wandering into it.


Because you can start the game by making a campfire, you’ll almost certainly have a fireplace in every structure you construct. The advantages are self-evident: heat, light, and a place to cook. Smoke, on the other hand, can cause problems in the long run.

Valheim has smoke from indoor fires build up in the room unless it has some way of escaping, which is a very realistic move even for a survival game. If there’s too much smoke in the room, your character will start to lose health, which is obviously the opposite of what you want when building a shelter.

If you don’t have the time or resources to construct a proper chimney, a single roof tile slanted in the opposite direction can keep the rain out while allowing smoke to escape.

Structural Integrity

When you point a hammer at a prefabricated building, the colors you see represent structural integrity. Green is good, yellow isn’t ideal, orange is concerning, and red is… well, it’s a miracle it hasn’t collapsed yet. More support for your structures can be provided by using poles and beams.

Defend your base.

It won’t be long before enemies attack your base, attempting to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for. While no defense is perfect, the majority of them will keep enemies at bay long enough for you to eliminate them all before they reach your home.

Building a wall around your base, whether with the Stakewall early on or stone walls later in the game, is the easiest way to secure it.

Digging a trench around the perimeter of your base with a pickaxe is another simple base defense idea. Because some enemy AI isn’t intelligent enough to navigate these trenches, take advantage of this tip while you can!

You can put a fence across a hole in your cabin window if you want to open it but are afraid of leaving it open.

Single-player? Consider using “cheats”.

That’s right, if you’re playing single-player, you’ll have access to a number of useful cheats that will make your time in Valheim much more enjoyable.

Press F5 to bring up the console command box, where you can use cheats and other general console commands. You must first activate cheats by typing “imacheater” before you can continue your journey into the world of cheats. Cheats, on the other hand, can only be used in single-player mode and do not work on multiplayer servers.

Click HERE for our complete list of commands.

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