Berries can be found in the wild in all biomes in Valheim. Blueberries, raspberries, and cloudberries are the three types of berries available in the early access version of the game. We’ll talk about the Cloudberries in this guide. So, if you’re thinking about adding cloudberries to your farm, keep reading!

What Are Cloudberries and Where to Find Them?

  • Cloudberries are small plants that can be found throughout the Plains biome.
  • They resemble small herbs with yellow circular fruits on top, and given the Plains’ yellow landscape, they could be easily overlooked.
  • Respawns every 300 minutes.
  • Cloudberries improve health and endurance.

Using Cloudberries to Tame Lox Beasts

The lox is a massive beast of burden that can only be found in Valheim’s Plains biome. They remind me of the Bantha from Star Wars. You’ll be able to tame them, but it’ll be more difficult than your previous attempts with boars and wolves.

  • Found in the Plains.
  • You can tame Lox in the same way that Boars or Wolves can.
    • To begin the taming process, drop Cloudberries for the Lox to eat.
    • You can feed a Lox when it is ‘hungry’ after you have successfully tamed it.
    • When taming Lox, it’s best to build a stone fence because they can easily break wooden structures.

Cloudberry Recipes

Medium Stamina Mead

  • Honey 10x
  • Yellow Mushroom 10x
  • Cloudberries 10x

Lox Meat Pie

  • Barley Flour 4x
  • Cooked Lox Meat 2x
  • Cloudberries 2x

Fire Resistance Barley Wine

  • Barley 10x
  • Cloudberries 10x

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