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Valheim is one of Steam’s hottest games right now. With over 250K concurrent players as its peak so far, the game is on its way to grow. Almost every streamer is playing the game right now. It is currently available on PC and Linux via Steam. But is the game coming to Xbox One? Or Xbox Series X?

Valheim Coming To Xbox One/Xbox Series X? What’s the Release Date?

Iron Gate AB, the developers of Valheim, never expected their game to become this popular in such a short span of time. They weren’t even ready for the PC server load they’re experiencing right now. So, porting the game to consoles isn’t exactly a plan on their roadmap right now.

According to the current roadmap shared by the developers, Valheim players will get a new biome, sandbox mode, combat improvements, and much more. A plan to release the game on consoles, however, is not on the list.

“There are no plans to release on other platforms as of the time of writing but we won’t rule out console versions in the future,” reads the FAQ page on Valheim’s website.

Valheim Xbox One/Xbox Series X Size & Price

The size shouldn’t be a lot, since the game is only 500-600MB on PC. So, we can expect the same on Xbox One/Xbox Series S. As for the price is concerned, we can easily speculate a $19.99 price tag for the game.

If the developers say anything about a console release, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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