Valheim Draugr Bow – How To Make

You will be able to craft a variety of new and more powerful weapons once you reach the Swamp Biome. In Valheim, here’s how to get a Draugr Bow.

The Draugr Bow is an excellent upgrade to the Raw Bow, as it not only increases damage but also adds poison damage, which reduces enemy health in the same way that Fire Arrows do.

The bow can be enhanced four times, giving it the following stats in its final form:

  • Durability 250
  • Drill 56
  • Poison 20

To make its base form, you’ll need a level 2 forge, and a level 5 forge to reach the fourth level.

How to Craft Draugr Bow

NOTE: You must defeat Bonemass, the game’s third boss, to gain access to the Draugr Bow.

When you defeat the Swamp biome’s boss, you’ll receive the Wishbone, which you’ll need to mine Silver Ore in the Mountains biome.

After collecting three key ingredients from the Swamp Biome, the Draugr Bow will be available!

  • Ancient Bark
    • The bark of ancient trees is harvested by felling.
  • Silver
    • The smelter transforms silver ore into silver.
  • Guck
    • Guck can be found in backpacks, which are usually found in high places and require the construction of a platform to reach (they are immune to ranged attacks).

Once you have these components, follow the steps below to make a Draugr Bow:

  • x10 Ancient Bark
  • x20 Silver
  • x2 Deer Hide
  • x10 Guck

Now that you have the best bow in Valheim, defeating the game’s final two bosses should be a lot easier!

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