Valheim Fishing Rod (Fishing Pole) - How To Get Easy Guide

The fishing rod is an item in Valheim that cannot be crafted. It is also one of those items which, despite being common, is hard to find. Let’s see how and where to find it.

Try the merchant

The fishing rod is only sold by the merchant Haldor. In order to obtain it, you have to have gold coins, more specifically 350 gold coins. You also need bait which is available for 10 gold coins.

How to fish

Fishing in Valheim is easy. You have to have the rod equipped and some fishing bait in your inventory. Then you need to find a water source with fish in it. Once you have located a shoal, charge-cast your line by holding down left mouse button and then releasing it. Tap right mouse button to bring the line closer. Once a fish bites down the hook, the bobber will go underwater and bubbles would pop up around it, mash the right mouse button to reel it in. Reeling requires stamina so keep in mind that you have plenty of that. If you stop reeling, the fish will stay there but the stamina bar won’t go up. Once you have caught the fish, press E to put it in your inventory.

Fish is a good source of raw meat that can be put over fire and cooked.


Since you have limited stamina, try to cast your line closer to the shore from where you stand, that will help you reel the fish faster without losing it due to stamina loss.

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