VALHEIM Flametal Ore How To Find – Easy Guide

To put it frankly, some biomes in Valheim are terrifying. One stands out in particular, and it’s known as the Ashlands biome. It’s essentially a scorching environment that you’ll need to explore in order to obtain many of the resources you’ll need later in the game. It is still in development, so keep in mind that some of the things we know about Valheim may change in the future. It is a location where materials such as surtling cores, surtling trophies, and eventually Flametal ores can be obtained.

Where Can I Find Flametal Ore?

You’ll have to exercise caution in this area. Surtlings are small fire-breathing creatures that usually build their nests out of glowing metals.

The main reason you should be vigilant is that in Valheim, you’ll need to mine glowing metals in order to obtain Flametal ores. Before going to the Ashlands biome, make sure you’re prepared because it’s a biome reserved for later game content.

To mine for flametal ore, you’ll need a metal pickaxe that’s at least bronze in quality.

The ashy and flaming Ashlands biome is the polar opposite of the snow biome. If you can’t find it, here’s how the map looks:


The Ashlands biome covers everything that is red on the map. Because each world in Valheim is unique, this isn’t an exact location for this biome, but it can be used as a guide to help you find it.

The biome’s future, particularly what is subject to change, is unknown. This is where you can get Flametal ores at the time of writing, but that may change in the future.

Because there aren’t many players who have progressed to this point in the game, much of the information about this location is, to put it mildly, bleak. You will, however, have to go to it at some point.

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