Valheim: Flesh Rippers, How To Craft

The frost caves updated introduced a new weapon to Valheim. The Flesh Rippers essentially make you look and attack like Wolverine. It’s a weapon that scales with your unarmed attack. It also has a strong parry and provides backstab multipliers like knives.

If you ever wanted to become a Viking Wolverine, here’s your chance. Here is how to craft them:

Image Courtesy of Iron Gate AB

The Materials

To craft the Flesh Rippers, you need to have upgraded a Forge to level 3. From there, you’ll have to gather the following items:

  • 10 Fenris Claws: Found in the mountains biome. Search the frost caves and kill ulvs to get it. You can also find it as a drop in some cave sections.
  • 10 Fenris Hair: Similar to Fenris Claws
  • 10 Silver bars: You can find these in the mountain biome as ore. Use them with a smelter to create the bars. One easy way to find them is to get a Wishbone from the Bonemass boss. It will glow when you are near a silver deposit.

Maximizing the Flesh Rippers

Because of its stats, the Rippers reward players who opt to use stealth. Dealing significant damage with backstabs allows you to make the most out of the weapon. It is a two-handed weapon and is slashing damage for weaknesses. It also has 20 knockback. Here are some other handy stats for our fellow min-maxers.

  • Durability 300
  • Weight 2.0
  • Block armor 5
  • Use stamina 10
  • Parry bonus 6x
  • Block force 10
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