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Mountain Biome contains a number of critical artifacts and ores that players must obtain in order to continue through the game. The Freeze Gland is one of the most vital, as it is necessary for survival in this environment.

Freeze Glands Use

  • Freeze Glands are prerequisite items for the creation of one club, one type of arrow, and one food recipe. Frostner, one of Valheim’s most formidable clubs, maybe crafted at a level 3 Forge. Frostner is a blunt and frost damage weapon that takes 10 Ancient Bark, 30 Silver, 5 Ymir Flesh, and 5 Freeze Glands to make.
  • Freeze Glands are most commonly used in the creation of Frost Arrows. Players will need 8 Wood, 4 Obsidian, 2 Feathers, and 1 Freeze Gland to make these at a Workbench. This recipe produces 20 arrows, each of which deals 26 piercing damage, 52 frost damage, and slows opponents.
  • The final use of Freeze Glands is to make Eyescream. By combining 3 Greydwarf Eyes and 1 Freeze Gland in a Cauldron, you can make this culinary item. The resulting food item increases a player’s maximum health by 21 and their maximum stamina by 65.

How To Get

To begin, players must travel to the Mountain Biome. There is no obvious way to walk in order to reach a Mountain Biome because Valheim sends players multiple seeds with diverse map layouts. In general, players should look for greater elevation locations and snow in order to find their way to the correct location.

Screengrab Courtesy of EpicCRAZY WOLF
via Youtube

Mountain Biomes are the logical next step after facing Bonemass in Valheim, the game’s third boss. To take on this task, players must have spent a significant amount of time gathering armor and weaponry. The Drakes that fly around the area is the key to obtaining Freeze Glands after you arrive.

These guys are the only source of Freeze Glands in the game. They’re a lot easier to defeat if you have the Wolf Armor Set or are using the Frost Resistance potion. You can defeat the fire-resistant drakes by using any of the game’s bows.

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