Construction reigns supreme in the complex system of Valheim. Creating a home, while a significant burden for some, can quickly become addictive for many others. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best structures that the players built as their homes.

Crafting is an important part of the heart of Valheim, and logging is fast becoming one of our favorite hobbies. While some players spend countless hours building a humble country house, a small part of the community is beginning to show true architectural talents to create huge residences, getting closer to what would be a castle or even a town than to the simple and small chalet. of wood. So we wanted to make a top 10 of the most impressive Valheim builds, enough to give us the courage to try and do the same one day … (But not today).

10. The Tavern

If you’re playing Valheim by yourself, this cool tavern base can help you get your bearings.

There is a truly magnificent tavern inside, enough room to accommodate guests. There is room to celebrate, as well as a bar with drinks and a fireplace where you can unwind after your Valheim adventures. And, if drinks and food run out, there is a cellar dedicated to this purpose, with more than enough provisions.

9. The Colosseum

If you feel like fighting ax duels with other Vikings, you will need a place to fight. This is the idea that must have crossed the mind of Frankfoots, who was inspired by the Roman Coliseums to build this arena, which even has separate rooms for gladiators to properly prepare for PvP.

8. Fallingwater-inspired Home

Although most players prefer buildings in the middle of the field, xanaxe773 prefers villas with sea views and direct access to the beach. Here, aesthetics prevail over safety.

7. Japanese Palace

What if the Vikings had strayed to Japan? This is what Eddiegage envisioned when building an impressive house with a magnificent Torii-style portal, ultra-effective against troll attacks (well..not really).

6. The Viking House

With Valheim sealed in the Nordic Viking environment, it’s no surprise that some players went straight to building a proper longhouse.

The huge thing was built by fate167 and his two friends, and the work took around 25 hours in total. They were inspired by images of Viking houses that they found online.

5. The Mansion

An impressive house, but at what price? Sral1994 advertises it has an authentic mansion that almost touches the clouds, along with the words “Help! I have obsessive construction disorders! I haven’t seen my family in days.” Valheim… it can turn into a real addiction.

4. For Honor

Knowing how to build is one thing, but you also have to have ideas. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from things that already exist like Colonel-James-Parker did who was inspired by this For Honor build. It is not too far from being an almost exact replica.

3. Teleportation Center

Teleportation rooms? That is old-fashioned! Better to secure yourself and be sure you can move quickly and that, jcthivierge got it.

We just wish you good luck refueling the torches …


2. The Village

Watch out, this latest creation is likely to get you down. Suppurat is suspected of having spent countless hours on Minecraft given his innate talent in creating villages.


1. Minas Tirith

User mega_rad_man has shared what he has been up to in Valheim these days. Nothing more and nothing less than Minas Tirith.

Made entirely of stone, the goal is to add more plants to Minas Tirith to complete another huge structure related to the fantastic adventures of JRR Tolkien. We wouldn’t mind seeing Middle-earth completely recreated in Valheim.

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