Valheim has become the next big sensation in the gaming industry. It’s been just a few weeks since the game was launched and it is already among the top charts on Steam. As players progress through the game, they might notice that an important ingredient they need frequently is fine wood. If you are wondering how you can get fine wood in Valheim, don’t worry we have got you covered.

How to get Fine Wood

To obtain fine wood in Valheim, you need to cut down oak and birch trees. Oak and birch trees are found in a number of places in the game’s vast open world. However, to cut them down, you need to ensure that you have a Bronze axe. The Bronze Axe can be crafted in the forge using the following items:

  • 4x wood
  • 8x Bronze
  • 2x Leather Scraps

Once you have the required items, you can simply put them in the Forge and craft the Bronze Axe. The Bronze Axe can then be used to cut down Oak and Birch trees and obtain Fine Wood. Alongside that, you can also find a bit of fine wood in shipwrecks or make one of the oak or birch trees fall down by some other method. That being said, using a Bronze Axe is the best way to get Fine Wood.


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