Because the Valheim Silver Necklace is the highest-priced object you can exchange, it’s important to understand where to obtain them and why you must always collect them!

How To Get Silver Necklaces

  • Silver Necklaces are found in particular places.
  • Dungeons are both risky and lucrative. While you’re inside, keep an eye out for hidden treasures such as Silver Necklaces and other precious assets.
  • Keep an eye out for these Viking ship-shaped rock formations! If you dig deep enough, you could perhaps find some hidden treasures!

You can also look for such items in the biomes listed below:

  • Mountains – Inside the Graves.
  • Meadows – Stone graves or Viking Graveyards

If you urgently require Silver Necklaces, you could use a console command or a cheat.

  • Press F5
  • Type “imacheater” (without the quote).
  • Type SilverNecklaceX
    • X is the number of necklaces that you want.
    • SilverNecklace10 = 10x Silver Necklaces

Keep in mind that this farming technique is a substitute for the Infinite Money Cheat and produces a similar outcome.

Silver Necklace Use

  • Find Haldor!
  • He doesn’t have a specific location, so it’s tricky to locate him at times. You could also use F5 to spawn Haldor. Rather than infinite coins, you get an infinite number of necklaces that can be converted into coins.

  • Numerous Valheim gamers claim that Haldor can normally be found in the Black Forest Biomes, so begin there.
  • Simply engage Haldor and press the sell toggle to convert your Silver Necklace(s) into Coins.

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