Valheim How to Plant Carrot Seeds — Easy Guide

If there is one thing that’s common with open-world survival games it’s that they allow you to do a range of common things. One of them is obviously growing food since that item is so fundamentally important to the genre. Here’s how you can grow carrots in Valheim:

Carrot seeds — plant them away! 

Getting the basics done – crafting and planting

The first thing you need in order to start farming in Valheim is a Cultivator. You also need a Forge to craft it.

  • Go to the Black Forest biome to get Core wood which you will need to craft a Cultivator. Also get some carrot seeds on your way out.
  • Craft the Cultivator.
  • Now equip it and go to a suitable place where you want to start farming.
  • Right click and then select the cultivate option, then left click on the ground to clear the area.
  • Now while you have the Cultivator equipped, right click again and select the carrot option. Make sure you have some carrot seeds in your inventory.
  • Click on the ground to plant the carrot by left clicking. If you are planning on planting more than one, make sure you don’t plant them too close to each other or they will turn yellow and not grow properly.


  • Harvesting is quite simple. All you need to do is to hover your cursor over the grown carrot and press ‘E’ to pick them up.

The deal with carrot seeds

Remember that harvesting carrots won’t give you carrot seeds, for that you need to craft a Cauldron, light a fire below it and cook Carrot Soup. That will unlock the carrot seed for you.

  • Now put the carrot seed in your inventory and equip your Cultivator.
  • Right click to select Carrot Seeds (which look like pretty white flowers).
  • Left click to plant them. Keep in mind that they need space to grow healthily.

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